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Strappy Sandals = My Personal Hell

I can’t wear strappy sandals. I have odd feet that don’t exactly match (TMI: I had 2 surgeries on my right foot when I was 17, and my left foot didn’t need it. I have 4″ long scars on the right foot, and my feet are actually differently-shaped because of this). Strappy sandals cut me and leave me sore, blistered and often bleeding after just an hour of wearing them.

So… it’s obvious that I’ll need to wear something a bit more substantial, but here’s my dilemma. Having an outdoor ceremony and reception, I don’t want anything with a super-thin heel. The fabulous green Ferragamos I bought for the wedding will have to wait in the closet for another day.

So, what do I wear?

How about one of these?


Sources: J. Crew, 6 PM, Endless.

Never Thought I’d Drool Over Shoes

I’ve already got my wedding shoes. Well… I’ve already got 3 separate pairs to be worn on our wedding day. I started with an ivory patent pair, then got a great pair of green leather Ferragamos, and recently added a sweet pair of black satin sling backs.

But, if I didn’t already have those 3, I’d HAVE to get one of these pairs:

Perfect for a purple wedding!
With a shorter dress — so hot!
Look at the toe detail on this beauty! Perfect for a vintage-themed wedding.
And these flats? They may end up being purchased with my holiday bonus. LOVE!

(comments from left to right, top to bottom).


Shoes for Sale!

J. Crew has one of the best, wearable, gorgeous, trendy-yet-classic wedding/party/work shoe collections.

Bonus: right now, all their full-price boots and shoes are 25% off.

I’m in!

The code is “SHOESALE” and it lasts through November 19.

Something Old and Blue

I’ve been… lightly thinking about the whole “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” thing and toying with ideas of how to make it work.

I still have NO idea what my ‘something borrowed’ will be. Maybe my grandma has a brooch I can wear… but I’m not banking on that. I’ll have to start bugging friends and family soon. A pair of diamond earrings or even a hanky would help!

I have, however, figured out a brilliant “something old, something blue,” (though I am certainly not the first bride to think of this combo!).

take your darling wedding shoes, add a pair of VINTAGE BLUE clip on earrings. Voila. Here’s a cute combo I saw online.


(no, I don’t plan to wear my shoes in 2 different colors, that’s just the image I found 🙂

Images sources: My Glass Slipper and Jackson Jewels

Gotta Decide On Shoes

wedding shoes

Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

I have 2 pair of potential wedding shoes (so far).

On top, we’ve got the funky Salvatore Ferragamo’s from Saks.

I love the stacked heel, the lucious leather, the comfort. These are all quality.

On the bottom are the Zara shoes that we got in San Francisco.

They are fairly comfy, I love the patent leather, and the wedge heel could prevent me from having my shoes sink into the grass as we do post-wedding, pre-reception photos.

I just can’t decide.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Okay, I am known to be a bit of a shoe horse. I *may* have winter and summer shoe wardrobes that have to be switched out as seasons change because my closet can only hold 30 pair at a time.

So, sometimes, I impulsively buy shoes.

When the GTB and I were in San Francisco, shopping on Union Square, I found a fantastic pair of shoes at Zara. They were ivory patent leather with a nice wrapped heel and peep toe. The GTB liked them, but then he MADE me buy them when he accidentally dropped them on the escalator and gave them a small scratch (why he was so adament about me buying damaged shoes, I’ll never know). He felt certain that he’d bring them to a cobbler and get them buffed.

Then, the GTB and I were shopping in downtown Minneapolis and fell upon a fantastic pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that couldn’t be passed up — silky, butterly leather, stacked heel, cute bow design at the toe. We thought they’d match the accent color on the dress-to-be well, but it turned out they didn’t.

So now, I have 2 pair of “wedding” shoes… and I still haven’t found the perfect pair! How many pairs did you buy before getting married?

OMG Shoes 10

wedding-shoe-sagus.jpg These shoes make your feet look fat! I don’t care if you have delicate little feet and run every day. I don’t care if you have a mere 8% of fat on your body. These skinny straps will cut into you skin (or sag around your feet) and look gross. Its what they do. There’s a reason most couture shoe manufacturers don’t use this style.

And, the stress will make you bloat a bit (so I’ve been told). If you want to look and feel great, skip these Sagus shoes.

OMG Shoes 9


I don’t know what a “coochie dancer” is, but I have a pretty good feeling she’d be wearing this pair of Touch Ups shoes.

These would have been “okay” if they’d just had a thong strap encrusted with fake rhinestones. But no, the designer had to add that ankle strap and those uber trashy dangling “jewel” things. Gross.

May as well wear a bell around each ankle with the amount of sound these things would make.

OMG Shoes 8

wedding-shoe-benjamin-walk-3.jpgSimple yet sexy, this pair of Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk shoes exemplify the feeling most brides want to achieve.

The satin fabric can be dyed to nearly any color and the 2 1/4 heel isn’t tall enough to make you totter, but offers a nice elongated leg.

I’d wear these, and I just may. I just need to decide… white, cream, blush or my wedding color?


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