My Wedding Jewelry… Oh Haute Bride

hb_lariatI’ve got 156 days (according to some random calendar counter I found through Google) until our wedding day.

Um, when did we get past 200 days?!

Anyway, I bit the bullet and purchased some loverly, gorgeosity known as Haute Bride jewelry.

Wanna see it?

Here are their stock photos…

And why did I buy this? Um, multi-tiered, sparkly gorgeousness that is a visual beauty from front to back.

I’d originally wanted a string of pearls (and would certainly be thrilled if a certain fiance decided to purchase said string as a Christmas gift), but then I got sucked into Haute Bride and ended up falling in love.

Now, just wait until you see my fabulous earrings!

I Have NO Willpower — Haute Bride Must Know This!

earring_hb2I have zero willpower. Whether it’s a tasty treat, a beautiful winter jacket or amazing bridal jewelry, I am quite poor at resisting.

I’ve been searching for jewelry that works with my theme, gown and, well, personal style and haven’t found anything that made me giddy. Let me rephrase that I haven’t found anything in my price range that makes me giddy. Most days I can be found with eyes glazed over, gazing lovingly at the Haute Bride site. Sigh.

Well, today, I bit the bullet — sort of.

Most of the jewels are gorgeous and lovely, but too chunky to work with my super awesome gown(s).

However, there are some darling pieces that I covet daily that would be smashingly lovely on me.

I don’t know what happened, but I was on the site the other day, and suddenly, I looked down and saw a paypal receipt of payment on my screen. Payment was sent to Haute Bride. Oh boy.

So now I am guiltily pleased to await the arrival of my gorgeous bridal jewelry.

Here are some of the beauties I long for. hb_chocker

Simply Gorgeous

Look at this necklace… stunning. wattersnecklace

Awww, So Damned Sweet

Damn. Do people actually do these things?

I mean, the waiting, the excitement, the sweetness, the surprise?

I love this commercial, even though it makes me roll my eyes a bit out of envy.

BTW — the song is “How Can I Tell You,” by Cat Power.

Diamond Commercial Song

I know, I know, those commercials by DeBeers are SO over the top. The man surprising the woman, the diamond that magically sparkles like the sun, even though the couple is together in the dark or on an overcast day.

I should be embarassed that I like this commercial. It’s not the visual so much as the song. And, it sure beats those annoying Lexus-with-the-big-bow commercials.

The song is by Langdon Pigg