Living The Sweet Life

All I could think of the moment I put in notice at my old job was getting some time off without work nagging in the back of my mind. I was obsessed with a week at home with the pup and the BTB.

I had a whole list of things I was going to do…

*Watch a few movies

*Catch a few college basketball games

*Spend some QT with the BTB and the puppy

*Catch up with a few people

Now, the week has come and, for the most part, gone. I’ve managed to get in a half a basketball game, watch *A* movie and have found a new job. I’ve managed to spent lots of time playing with and training the pup (on a side note, you should see our little girl ring a bell to tell us when she has to pee. I’m a proud papa indeed.).

I’ve also spent time filling requests for my lovely bride-to-be. I’ve grocery shopped, painted a closet and “gotten organized.”

Transitioning from the life of a bachelor to the life of a (more or less) married man isn’t going to be easy. Where did this week go???

This Puppy is THE BEST

The poop patrol marches on, my friends.

We’ve been talking about a number of methods for training our little Stella, but the focus of the work has been on potty training.  She seems to get that she’s supposed to go outside by now.  She also seems to want to hold it for when we let her out.  That said, she’s still having issues with letting us know.

We’ve decided to teach her to use a bell that is attached to the door and we’re finding a little success.  I still think it’s a coincidence right now and that she’s really ringing the bell just for fun.  Let me tell you though, there’s nothing more exciting than watching your puppy poop after she uses the tools to let you know.

Potty training is tiring, but trust me, it’s rewarding.  If anyone has any tricks of the trade, let me know about ’em because I’m actually enjoying this.

Pack Rat

OK, I admit it. I have a problem. I can’t stop, I can’t control it and I need help. I’m desperate for a 12 step program thatold_dresser.jpg can save me from myself and this addiction.

I love stuff. Lots o’ stuff. Oodles of it.

I don’t know what it is. I see a sturdy box and I think to myself, “Self, now there’s something that’s just plain going to come in handy.” Who knows when I’ll be moving next? Who knows when I’ll have a gift to give that would fit perfectly into a box that size? I’ve got a whole basement now, surely there’s enough space to save this until I find a need for it, right?

I also have a hard time saying good-bye. Call me sentimental, but that dresser I’ve had since before I can remember was a good friend and hurt a little to just throw out in the cold while it waited for someone to claim it from the alley. The poor guy deserved better.

But, she’s moving in and I’ve got to find a way to make her feel welcome.  I also need to make space for her. She’s been amazing about downsizing the amount of stuff she has so it’s only fair that I do the same.

So, goodbye, old friend. You served my brother and I well throughout the years. You’ll be missed.

Superbowl Parties As A Couple

When I was single, I never watched football with more than 1 or 2 people. Even then, when I did, I arrived with, at a minimum, a six pack in one arm and a bag of chips in the other. The event was simple, everyone was guaranteed a good seat and the focus was on the game. Rude comments about the refs and players you dislike weren’t just tolerated, they were encouraged.

Now, I go to superbowl parties. This was a first for me. We arrived with nothing to drink, stuffed mushrooms and pickles wrapped in ham and cream cheese (don’t knock it until you try it… really).

The girls nearly outnumbered the guys which means a few things:

1) I felt like a jackass the two times I yelled at… the TV. Yeah, I’m that guy.

2) I gave up on hearing the announcers. A closet favorite hobby of mine is ripping on the poor saps in the booth.

3) The commercials were ruined due to the chatter level.

4) Most of the conversation focused on Justin Timberlake and explanations of what “Bud Bowl” was.  Yes, you heard that right, there were actually several people at the party who had never heard of the bud bowl.

I think the only benefit of the party was that because of the largely female crowd, very few people questioned the fact that I wasn’t drinking at the party. I also wasn’t ridiculed for being on the south beach diet. That said, a big part of me missed watching a football game and not taking crap for being completely whipped. As a man, I need that from time to time. I thrive on being ripped on by a couple of my buddies.

I remain baffled as to what all this means. I think it might take me months to fully understand…

A Very Wedding Day

I used to love Saturdays.  I have fond memories of a ten hour “Road Rules” marathon on a lazy Saturday with my roommate.  I don’t think people realize the dedication it takes to watch 10 hours of television WITH commercials.

That said, this particular day isn’t anything like that.  The BTB just left with her sister to go trying on dresses.  They have an appointment, afterall.

For me, I’ve got ring duties to uphold, errands to run on the future bride’s behalf, and preparations to make for Stella, our puppy.

“And you may ask yourself-well…how did I get here?” – Talking Heads.

Has he proposed yet?

I know that girls get excited for their friends when they’ve “found someone.”  I know that they think I’m a “keeper.”  I know that they just want to see us “happy.”

Sometimes, though, I just want to send out a mass e-mail ending in two little words that mean so much to me and nothing else.  It would look something like this:

Dear Everyone,