Okay, This Is Cute

I imagine my HTB will be excited once he picks up the ring. Maybe not THIS excited, but this commercial put a smile on my face.

Awww, So Damned Sweet

Damn. Do people actually do these things?

I mean, the waiting, the excitement, the sweetness, the surprise?

I love this commercial, even though it makes me roll my eyes a bit out of envy.

BTW — the song is “How Can I Tell You,” by Cat Power.

Forget The Engagement Ring!

Oh boy!

Forget beautiful engagement rings, I’m gonna get me one of these fantastic *Diamond Butterfly Rings.* They sure are fancy.

Diamond Commercial Song

I know, I know, those commercials by DeBeers are SO over the top. The man surprising the woman, the diamond that magically sparkles like the sun, even though the couple is together in the dark or on an overcast day.

I should be embarassed that I like this commercial. It’s not the visual so much as the song. And, it sure beats those annoying Lexus-with-the-big-bow commercials.

The song is by Langdon Pigg