OMG Shoes 5

wedding-shoe-blue-tux-2.jpg Now, these shoes are more like it. I know that Blue Tux sells shoes with the tagline, “Good for more than a one night stand.”

Crafty… are they talking about the shoes or you…? Hmmm

Anyway, these shoes are actually manageable. The heel isn’t over-the-top at a mere 2 1/4 inches, the heel will give you support and the chris-cross pattern peek-a-boo pattern is supportive yet sexy (ugh, sounds like a bra!). The cool thing is that most Blue Tux shoes come in a white or blush color and they are dyeable! Woo hoo. This one goes onto my short list.

OMG Shoes 4

wedding-shoe-colorful-creation-3.jpg An homage to jelly shoes.

These shoes are playful and interesting. I couldn’t possibly wear them to my wedding, even though they’d dig up my playful side in their design reminscent of jelly shoes.

Side note: do YOU remember digging in the bins of jelly shoes at your local discount retailer when you were young? I must have had a dozen pair at one time… they’d make your feet sweat and blister and leave dirt tracks where skin was exposed, leaving a pattern of clean skin chris-crossed through the dirt.

They’re fun, but they aren’t the shoes I’d like to wear on my walk “down the aisle.”

OMG Shoes 3

wedding-shoes-colonial.jpgOh My Gawd — Shoes.

I am at a loss of words. These shoes were found on a search for “wedding shoes.” I can picture them on that cheesy 1980s actress, Elvira before I can picture them with a wedding dress.

I guess if I were goth, the rhinestone-studded heel MIGHT compliment my dress — but even the goth chicks I know would avoid these aweful shoes.

OMG Shoes 1

wedding-shoe-joan-and-david-250.jpgI love shoes. I have a collection of summer shoes that I swap out with my winter shoes, because my poor closet just can’t hold more than 30 pair at a time.

So naturally, I start to look for wedding shoes LONG before I’m married. Heck, I even have a pair from Zara that I got while shopping on Union Square, San Francisco earlier this month, which I choose for my wedding (alas, the color is too dark to go with a wedding dress).

I spent a good chunk of the day looking up shoes. I found a lot of dyeable shoes, most of which looked like they belong in 1992 or a strip club. Check out my parade (and commentary) of the good, bad and ugly wedding shoes.

These Joan and David shoes are okay — I dig the kitten heel and the shape, but the dots may be a bit too weird for a wedding. What do you think?

Not My First Choice…

flutter-scarlet-wedding-dress.jpgI know I’m not engaged, but that doesn’t mean I can’t browse wedding dresses online. Its not like I am running to the local bridal shop, trying on dresses of all sorts, twirling like a princess.

I feel I am justified in my preliminary searches, as I know some brides who would maintain a binder with dress ideas, centerpieces, etc, long before they’d even met their groom-to-be.

I am sharing a dress that just doesn’t do it for me. While I like to be a bit different in my choices, I wouldn’t go for this too-flowy dress that really looks like something a bride pieced together from a sale at Charlotte Russe. I love the shop where this came from, I simply don’t love the style, if you’re interested, click here.

What do you think? Would you wear something like this on your wedding day, for the sake of fashion?