The veiled truth – how to choose the perfect wedding veil

Choosing the right veil for your wedding can be tricky. The days of only having to choose between a handful of veil-lengths, based on the venue you choose, are long gone.

Now, brides are choosing their wedding veil based on their personality and dress style. Short dresses just scream for short veils or blushers. Long, traditional-style dresses look great with just about any style. Details such as pops of color, gorgeous mantilla lace details and embellishments are all sweet additions.

David’s Bridal has a great resource on veils – if you’re not sure of the right kind for your dress-style, or just want to learn a little before you decide, they offer a pretty solid description of styles and a riduculous selection of styles.

And, OMG, I had NO idea that they have combs and hairflowers – to wear alone or accent your veil (or, as many brides do, swap with the veil after heading down the aisle).

My favorite piece? A sweet Russian netting birdcage veil with a feather-flower embellishment (H7546). So lovely!

image from

2010 bridal trends – embellishments, florals and feathers

2010 brides are following the trends of 2009, but with more feminine details.

Expect to see pops of black on the gown – like this Vera Wang. Actually, many dresses in Vera Wang’s 2010 collection had a bit of black, typically as a sash or gloves.

The most popular 2010 wedding dress embellishments include:

  • floral appliques or a floral belt
  • feather trim
  • a single large bow
  • metallic details
  • asymmetrical neckline

Anything goes in 2010, with the exception of the basic strapless. A mix of details, folds or layers make dresses seem more artistic and anything but boring.

Brides will be wearing dresses that range from the traditional (floor length, with or without a train) to the mini-dress. Made popular in the last 3 years, short and mini wedding dresses are going to continue to be seen in 2010 – anything from retro-style dresses to super-sleek. If you choose a short or mini dress, make certain to invest in show-stopper shoes.

For bridesmaids and wedding accent colors, pink is super-popular in 2010, in hues ranging from blush to bubblegum, from dusty rose to fuchsia. Bridesmaids can also be seen in lavender, green and blue – popular colors from 2009.

Another top color for 2010 is orange – but brides beware. Orange looks good with a select few skintones, and can make the bride and her maids look a bit ill if the color is wrong.

Details: The Accessories

I really struggled with the accessories. I purchased a Haute Bride necklace that I didn’t actually wear, and didn’t find shoes until the day before the wedding. Of course we’d purchased shoes (3 pair!) for the wedding, but with an outside ceremony, and the fact that I was pregnant, I really didn’t want some skinny heels sinking into the ground every time I stepped out of doors.

The shoes – just some bright kicks I found at Famous Footwear (how uncool, I know!) – they were comfy for the entire day, and the color was nice and bright, so they fit the bill. Bonus: they were only $50.


The hairpiece – I ordered this lovely piece as a birdcage veil from Twigs and Honey on Etsy. Myra didn’t really “get” my concept of the veil that would sweep across the face (at the time, she didn’t get it, she’s since made dozens that echo that look) – but her work is so great, I decided to keep it and make it work. With a little repositioning, it turned out to be fantastic! The piece cost about $70.


The earrings – I ordered my earrings from Haute Bride. I love their delicate filigree look, and adored the art deco feel the invoked. Their styles have changed in the last year or so, but there are similar styles on their site.


The necklace – I was really on the fence on this front. My dear husband gave me a strand of akoya pearls for Christmas last year, and I really do love them. I look forward to the day, years from now, when I can give them to our daughter. But I also received another strand of pearls, just weeks before the wedding. The difference between the two was the clasps – and since the new strand had a white gold clasp, I chose to wear that one. In hindsight, my husband and I are both a bit sad that I didn’t wear the ones he gave me, because of the sentimental value, but either way, the pearls looked stunning on our wedding day.


The bracelet – my something borrowed, my sister Shaunessy let me borrow a 3-strand pearl bracelet with a brooch centering them. Thanks little sister!


All photos taken by Laura Ivanova – and cannot be reproduced or used, on the web or otherwise, without permission.

Something Pretty For Your Hair

Oh my, I adore this lovely little bridal headband by Little White Dresser on Etsy – it’s lovely and sweet – vintage-y and of-the-moment. Oh, and the price – the “true star” headband is only $18! Headbands and flowing hair are such a gorgeous bridal look – I’m glad the combination is so popular right now.


I highly recommend you check out this and the other fabulous items in the shop.

DIY Bouts & Corsages

Our budget was not huge. And I felt that I wanted to DIY as much as I could, even though I find myself to be my greatest critic when I do.

My dear friend Michelle and I tackled the bouts and corsages on the night before the wedding. What were we thinking? I have no idea.

Anyway, take a peak at our handiwork – our quirky/fun corsages and bouts!

R's bout

R's bout

groomsman & father bout

groomsman & father bout

Moms' corsage

Moms' corsage

We used ranunculus for R’s bout, and spider mums with greenery and filler for everyone else. It took us about 1 hour to do 5 bouts and 7 corsages. Not too shabby. We just used loose flowers pulled from the centerpieces, some floral tape, floral wire, floral pins and green grosgrain ribbon. The cost for supplies (minus flowers) was about $12. Nice.

We used this tutorial as our guide.

Find Ties for Your Guy’s Guys

My groom wore a suit for our wedding, and we’ve noticed this trend with a LOT of weddings. It seems that, when the groom and his men wear ties, the bride often is tasked with finding ties for the whole group. I know we scoured Saks, Macy’s JCPenney, a few suit shops and several online retailers looking for just the right ties.

coscurro/Stock Exchange

coscurro/Stock Exchange

Luckily, there’s an online retailer who offers silk ties –
* by color family
* for $15 bucks each
* with $5.99 flat shipping rate

They even sort them by skinny, trendy or tradition. Score.

I wish I’d found The Tie Bar before my wedding.

Target Shows its Hipster Side

Target never ceases to amaze me. I triple heart this store. A lot.

One of the reasons I love it even more than I should is their Red Hot Shop.

The Red Hot Shop is a collaboration with Daily Candy (loves) – and it offers monthly updated quirky/cool items — like a letterpress tooth fairy kit or this all-sorts-of-awesome octopus wall hook.


I’ve found jewelry, paper-making kits, cool baby gear and beau-t-ous clothes or shoes.

Of course these items sell out, almost every month, so make sure you remember to check out the shop in the beginning of the month!

Our inspiration

As I’ve mentioned, about 100 times before, we want a casual, relaxed reception. I just stumbled upon, for the upmteenth time, a mini-inspiration board that captures much of the feel we’re going for.

I hope we can capture some of this feel (though the table is a bit opulent for our venue or tastes).


And another, for good measure:


Eek, only 3 days left!
(if you know the sources of these images, please let me know!)

DIY Organza Flower Tutorial

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