Inexpensive, Easy Save The Dates & Thank You Cards

I wish I’d explored save the date options more when we first chose our wedding date. I know a lot of brides and grooms use the photocard option – it’s inexpensive and can highlight those often underused engagement photos.

I stumbled up Costco’s photocards recently – and just have to share how wonderful they are. The process for ordering is absolutely simple. Just load your photos, add them to a template, add your copy, review and submit. Once you’ve submitted them, you can have the order processed and pick them up THE NEXT MORNING at your local Costco. The price is pretty fabulous. 6.5×7 photocards with envelopes are $15.99 for the first set of 50, and $6.99 for each additional set. 75 Save the Dates for only $22? That’s pretty amazing. The prices are better than what I’ve found on Target, Shutterfly and Walmart – especially when considering the size and quality. Is it obvious that I’m super impressed by these photocards? They’d also work really well as thank-you cards!

I heard that they’re changing the designs available pretty soon – but I imagine they’re just adding options or making them more customizable.

If you’ve got a membership, check them out. If you don’t — the membership is more than worth it, if you’re getting your STDs here.

Coolest Photobooth EVER

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We hosted a DIY photobooth at our wedding — with a local photography student manning the camera (for less than $20/hour). We were lucky enough to have someone provide the backdrop stands, so we just used our polka-dot fabric (that we used a runners) as the backdrop.


I stumbled upon this photobooth backdrop at Green Wedding Shoes. Freaking Brilliant. I want one.

Father + Daughter on the Wedding Day

Oh, this pick from Stinkerpant’s blog makes me tear up.

I’m the girl who gets all emotional when I hear daddy/daughter songs.

The look of surprise on her dad’s face mixed with her pose just makes me sentimental.

So, mushy factor is high today, thanks Stinkerpants!

Capture The Moment 5

The GTB and met with our fourth and final photographer on Saturday afternoon. We met with the photographers from SoulCam at a Caribou Coffee. Scott and Robyn really “wowed” us with their packages — they included so many little details.

Their packages include 2 photographers, all images on a high-res disc with copyrights, free engagement session, pre-scouting of locations (to ensure they find and utilize spots that’ll make your photos great!).

We were looking at their 6 hour session with all the perks for only $2,250!

They even have a shorter session for under $2,000.

Scott and Robyn’s angle is to capture moments from multiple angles. He may be head-on, but Robyn could be off to the side, capturing the same photo or waiting a few moments and capturing something completely different.

They had quite a few traditional photos in their portfolio, but their more “photojournalistic” images show such depth of color and such.

We were in love with Scott and Robyn upon meeting them and almost felt like giving them a hug after meeting them!

At first, I was thinking that we may not use them as they didn’t seem as “angular” and (I guess) avant garde, but after looking at their online gallery again, I am now completely unsure of whom I should choose. Help!

Capture The Moment 2

Phew, photographer shopping is tough work!

We began our “world tour” (as the GTB calls it) last night right after work.

We met with Gina of A Truth Be Shown.


Capture The Moment 1

rodney-kenzie-toughresize.jpgWe have officially begun to search for Photographers.

I started out with a list from The Knot, paired with two other online compilations of photographers. From a list of over 120 photographers and an exhaustive online search, I was able to cull the list down to a handful of fantastic photogs —

We had stipulations, of course. We wanted someone who had a good grasp of light and space and is able to capture “real” moments within the wedding. We wanted someone who wouldn’t “pose” us much.

We both were aware of needing the rights to print our photos ourselves (negative rights — regardless of copyright — ask me if you need more information).

Oh yes, and we wanted someone who wouldn’t cost over $4000. We know that good photographers can be expensive and we’re willing to deal with that… but we do have our limits.