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Cartier, Tiffany-Style Ring

diamond.jpgLots of jewelry shops offer “Tiffany-style” rings or “Cartier-style” rings.

The thing about this is that:
a. They are NOT Tiffany & Co or Cartier rings if they are being sold by another jewelry store
b. You won’t be fooling anyone with a “styled” ring
c. trademark and patent laws ensure that no other jewelry stores will be able to see a ring that looks “that much” like a Tiffany & Co/Cartier ring
d. Brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and the like have been cracking down on counterfeiters and have been prosecuting

That doesn’t matter, you still want a ring that LOOKS like Tiffany & Co. or Cartier even if it isn’t.


Honey, I Changed My Mind


No, not about getting engaged or getting married.

I decided that I won’t be happy unless I can have THIS diamond in THIS ring.

Its a 10.37 carat ideal cut stone. Isn’t it beauteous?

This puppy can be found on Blue Nile for a mere $737,000.

I really would need a crane to lift my arm.

But seriously — I wouldn’t want a stone THAT big anyway. I wouldn’t want my knuckles to drag from the weight (I already have so-so posture) and I wouldn’t want to be seen by robbers as the equivalent of a fresh t-bone left around a dog.

I am pretty certain I’ll be thrilled with the ring my GTB chooses — mostly because I love him and I know he’s putting a lot of thought and effort into it!

Okay, This Is Cute

I imagine my HTB will be excited once he picks up the ring. Maybe not THIS excited, but this commercial put a smile on my face.

Awww, So Damned Sweet

Damn. Do people actually do these things?

I mean, the waiting, the excitement, the sweetness, the surprise?

I love this commercial, even though it makes me roll my eyes a bit out of envy.

BTW — the song is “How Can I Tell You,” by Cat Power.

Engagement Ring: Winners/Losers

diamond-ring-poss.jpgSo, we covered a few stores — I tried on some fantastic rings, saw some incredible lighting (why doesn’t someone market an under-the-chin light that shines directly onto the ring and makes is sparkle like it does at the store?!) and we narrowed hundreds of rings down to a few.

Here’s my analysis of the shops: scales are 1-10, with 10 being the best.

Scores are given for friendliness of sales person, knowledge of sales person, general customer service (honesty, tact, etc), value, selection/quality/flexibility in choosing diamonds, selection of rings, and would I refer the shop to a friend.

Engagement Ring Shop Comparison
Ratings of the jewelers we visited by the following criteria:
State Frendliness Knowledge Service Value Diamond Ring Refer
Cartier 4 NA 6 4 3 3 no
Tiffany 5 6 6 4 1 6 sure
Scheherezad 7 6 6 5 8 8 yes!
Wedding Day 7 5 6 7 7 8 sure
J.B. Hudson 7 7 7 6 7 8 yes!
Landmark 8 10 9 9 10 6 yes!
Continental 2 5 2 6 7 7 no!

They Keep On Talking

Of course my family had to ask around Christmas, “so, did he pop the question yet?” Someone from his family asked too.

I’ve gotten various left-hand glances from friends and coworkers, intermingled with the occasional “I thought you’d come back engaged” or “That picture must be blurry, I don’t see a ring.”

My poor FTB is probably cursing the day he ever brought up the potential engagement.

I haven’t even mentioned the potential to many people — I guess when you’re as “old” as I am (hello, not even 30!), people start to think they hear your biological clock, or some other clock ticking.

Enough with this “Living Vicariously Through Kenzie” — I promise, I’ll tell you when it happens.

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