New Hobby

I love our puppy. I do. She’s cute, she makes me laugh and she’s very laid back.

This is a drawback though, she’s a pooping machine. I swear she expels more than she intakes and the timing is completely unpredictable.

So, I spent most of my time at home on Sunday on poop patrol. Any time she got remotely close to her “poop stance” I would yell and jump up out of my chair.

I put up a new rod in the closet… with one eye on the pup.

We watched some family guy… with one eye out for a squat.

I talk to the BTB… while I determine if the sniffing is merely searching for treats or a lead-up to something more smelly.

Never in my life have I spent more time talking about the act of pooping. Never in my life have I celebrated the act of pooping more. Never in my life have I scolded a living being for not properly pooping.

Long story short, I have a new hobby and it’s puppy poop watching.

Life With The Puppy, Day 4

So, life has settled into a quasi-pattern with the new dog.

She wakes me at 6:30, we go out.
She eats her breakfast, we go out again.
I come home during lunch, we go out.
I come home from work, we go out.
We go out, she eats dinner, we go out, we go out, we go to bed.

I’ve become that woman who praises her dog for each and every bowel movement and bladder emptying movement. That woman who uses that ridiculously high voice when her pup goes potty.

Compared to what some of my friends go through, I am pretty lucky. One coworker goes out with her dog each night… between 1 and 3 am. Not that the dog has to go, its just become habit.

So, besides spending more time standing outside in the last few days than the amount of time I have spent outside since Oct. 31, I am becoming that watch-checking, photo sharing dog mom. Ugh.

Life With A Puppy, Day 1

Our little Stella has officially joined our family.

My mom, after making me feel ridiculously guilty about bringing our “poor” puppy into a home where she’d be the solo pup, rather than 1 in 5, told me to expect her to have accidents in her kennel.

The GTB took her for a walk before we went to bed, and we tucked her into her kennel for a night’s sleep.

Of course she whined and scratched at the thing for about 5 minutes. We tried to keep from giggling, we felt bad for her, but it felt darned funny — like a prisoner dragging their tin cup along prison bars, then it sounded like she was shaking a paper bag somehow.

She settled down and didn’t make a peep all night.

When we got up this morning, she was still sleeping! Yes! What a great pup!

Brilliant Plan

stella.jpgHmmm… a coworker asked me today about our new puppy (STELLA!), I said, “Oh, she’s fine. She’s so flippin’ cute.” My coworker chuckled and said, “That GTB is smart — divert you from engagement with a puppy.”


Is that how men think? Was Stella a ploy to keep from putting that ring on my finger?

I don’t think so… I’m mostly confident that that wasn’t the case. Mostly.

But if it was, well, I’ll take solace in the sweet puppy breathe and fluffy-love that is Stella.

Hello, Stella!

The wait is finally over.  Our family has finally started.  Stella has arrived.

I knew I was excited about the puppy.  I mean, this little princess is cute as a button.  Sure, when I put her down on the floor at my future in-laws’ house I realized just how cute she was.  There might not be anything funnier than watching a 3 pound puppy running across a lenolium floor.

When she fell asleep in my arms, though, well, that was that.  I was in love all over again.

It was there and then that I realized how much I’m going to spoil this pup.  I’m going to buy her stuff she’ll never use and get her sick on treats.  I’m going to take her for walks and let her ride on my lap in the car. 

She can lick my face and play on the couch all she wants.  She can pee on the floor and I’ll just shrug it off.

If loving a dog like this is wrong, well, I don’t want to be right.

Puppy Battle

The future groom is thrilled about the new puppy. I’m excited too, but I think part of his excitement comes from the fact that, during our first 15 minute meeting with her, she was all snuggly and sweet with him, wagging her tail and happily cuddling. For me, she was like, sniff, sniff, lick the nose, jump down.

I am totally thrilled with the thought of having a puppy, really, but the fact of the matter is that she clearly prefers him to me already, and I’m the one who found the breeder! And has taken dogs through training! And will be with her every day.

I’m not saying that I will battle him for a puppy’s attention, but… we’ll see who she likes in a few months.

Canine Companion

stella.jpgTrust me, getting a dog as a stunt to delay a proposal doesn’t work. Women see right through that tactic. I speak from experience on this one.

That said, I’m still going through with getting the dog.

Why? Well, I look at it this way. If I’m going to survive the next 18 months, I’m going to need a companion. Someone who sees things my way. Someone who will sit by my side, even if it’s only because I’m holding a treat. Someone who will love me without wanting to frequent jewelry stores.

Sure, I now rank behind the girl and the dog on the pecking order, but secretly, I’m loving it. There’s literally no pressure in being household filler.

Welcome to the family, Stella.