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I Heart The Future Mrs. Darcy

I am in… shock, awe, love, amazement. I love The Future Mrs. Darcy.

Creative, fun invitations…. check
Classy, stylish invitations…. check
Amazing color combinations… check
Quirky, fun suites named after movie (and historical) couples… check
Wedding card suites that are amazingly awesome with cool maps… check

Tell me these aren’t amazing! I am stuck on this map from the Sloane and Ferris suite (Bueller!) and this incredible Adam and Eve set (the detail on the leaves is exactly what I was looking for, but couldn’t find before now).

Wouldn’t your guests love to receive these? Lovingly designed and created invitations that aren’t just inviting them to THE SOCIAL EVENT OF THE YEAR, but also mini works of art on their own. Honey, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, throw-in-the-trash invitations (I’d show you what those look like, but I’ve, ahem, thrown them in the trash)!

I cannot tear my eyes away.

Check out the site, and don’t forget to visit the Jim and Pam invitations — perfect if you and your sweetheart met at The Office.

The Perfect Wedding Clutch

I love a good purse. I seldom buy them, because I love my classic lovelies, and I can’t bear to spave (spend money on something because it is cheap, and thus, save money on the price) my money on a cheap handbag, unless it is beyond lovely.

Enter Nelle Handbags. I love these bags, they’re quirky, cute and so well made. I love stalking the blog posting to see when new bags are unleashed, and I can hardly wait for the day that Nelle Handbags are seen on the runways with some hot celebrity grasping the gorgeous silk charmeuse or ribbon material.

Sooo, here you go. Eye candy that makes my resolve (to save money) melt.

Nelle Holiday 2008Nelle Fit To Be Tied

Nelle Holiday 2008

What I love about Nelle Handbags are these things:
1. those with brooches are all different! Each bag has a different bit of vintage “bling”
2. she hand-dyes the fabrics, creating rich, delicious colors
3. Laura loves ribbons and she makes them gorgeous, from details on the Fit To Be Tied to creating an entire bag from pleated petersham ribbon.

If you’re at my wedding, I can promise that you’ll see one of these pretties on me… but which one?

A Videographer Who Doesn’t Suck

I’ve seen plenty of those wedding videos that make you yawn, with good wishes from drunken family members and the occasional secret spilled.

Because of these, I’ve sworn that I will neither need nor hire a videographer for our wedding.

I saw a video that MAY have changed my mind. This could be the most amazing wedding video company ever. And… this video actually tops some music videos I’ve seen.

Want more? Check out their site, filled with all kinds of awe-inspiring videos.

Am I dillusional, or is this amazing?

I Heart This Photographer!

Red Apple Images

Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

There’s this great little local studio that makes me wish we could get married twice, so we could get another photographer!

I love found Kate of Red Apple Images. I heart her personality, her great angles and shots and also her sweet prices.

She’s got a great eye for sweet, delicate, loving shots (or this couple is amazingly photogenic and hugely thrilled about their wedding day. Or both.

You can see her work on Offbeat Bride as well — that shoot is beyond cute.

I’m SO Excited

rohm-jacket-1.jpgrohm-alencon-long-sleeved.jpgI ordered a bolero! Not only is it not like *every other* bolero out there, but mine is actually custom made for me and my slightly-chubby arms, built from measurements of my body, so it should fit like a dream!

Anyway, I got it from Etsy (as I seem to be getting a LOT of my bridal outfit accessories). The shop owner, Emily, actually does quite a bit of theatre costume design. She has an amazing eye for beauty and detail.

Check out her Etsy shop – Rohm – if you want a custom bolero for your wedding.

p.s. for the record, my bolero will have cap sleeves and is made of alencon lace over dotted stretch netting. I’ve asked for no closures.

Flowy, Beautiful Wedding Dresses

We’ve moved! Check out this post in our new home, and don’t forget to check out our current giveaway!

Que Magnifique!

bijou-cake-platter.jpgI love old-style ceramics!

Clara French Ceramiques have these beautiful, custom glazed cake plates. Sigh. I want that!

They come in a selection of scrumptuous colors — Rustic Mauve, French Pear, Silk Blue and others.

I think I’ll just have to get the “Bijou Footed Cake Stand in the Elle style (front stands in image). While the prices are steep (about $175 + shipping and handling), I don’t know how I could use anything else now that I’ve seen these stunning cake stands.

Most Amazing Dress Shop Ever

charsa-dress.jpg Okay, I found the most amazing dress shop. I may have mentioned it before, but I have the details on why I am SO in love.

I Do & Baby Too is run by this amazing woman, Kimberly.

When I went in to check out the shop and try on dresses, Kimberly showered me with one-on-one attention, honesty (oh no, that dress just doesn’t work on you!) and tons of ideas.

She explained the lines, Wtoo, Nicole Miller, Charsa, Coren Moore, Kaya Couture… and grabbed some samples.

We played with sashes and came up with some fantastic ideas for the ceremony and reception.

I drooled over amazing hair combs, bridal purses (many from a local designer) and jewelry as well.

Then, as I reluctantly took of the dress, I lamented how I’d never learn how to tie the sash like she does.

Not to worry! She’ll actually come to help you get dressed the day of your wedding. Its completely free! Un-be-lieve-able! Even though my wedding is SO far across the metro, Kimberly assures me that she’ll be there! Wow!

So, even though I may have found my dress (and its all luxury and delicious for under $500), I have a personal dresser that comes along with it!

I am so psyched for my big day now!

(image is not my dress, but a dress from the same designer)