Details: The Dress & Bolero

My wedding dress situation was a saga! I purchased a Vera Wang from the Macy’s sample sale, but was unable to wear that because I had sent it to get a few alterations, and my seamstress sent it to the cleaner – and when I returned for a fitting, I noticed an awful, huge stain on the bodice, rendering it useless.

Dress #2 came from Priscilla of Boston – a fabulous little ivory fitted Melissa Sweet dress with sweetheart neckline and mermaid (fit and flare) skirting.

I couldn’t wear that because we discovered that I was pregnant in December (after 9 months of being engaged) and the wedding was set for May. We went back and forth a LOT on whether to move the wedding date or keep it. Ultimately, we decided to go for it on our designated date (May 16), even though I’d be 6 months pregnant. The Melissa Sweet dress certainly wouldn’t do.

After scouring the net for something that would work for a big old belly, I settled on a BCBG dress. It was only $380 – but it worked well with my body-shape at the wedding. I had some alterations made (at “Sew What!” in Saint Louis Park – love that place!) and the dress was ready to be worn.

I wanted a bolero for the wedding, on the off chance that it’d be cool (and it was – with gale-force winds and below 55 degree weather, it was downright cold!). I ordered a raw-silk shrug from LarimeLoom on Etsy. Luckily, the color was quite close to the dress’ color – so they looked pretty great together. In all, I was sad I couldn’t wear the other dress(es) – but pretty satisfied with how my “look” turned out.




As for the other 2 dresses, Melissa Sweet found a new home via Once Wed, and the Vera was donated to Mary Madeline project.

All photos taken by Laura Ivanova – and cannot be reproduced or used, on the web or otherwise, without permission.

Warming Up Your Gorgeous Gown

ivorycapelet_weddingsilver_shrug_anthroI don’t care what style of gown you plan to wear, if you live in the midwest (or in any of the U.S. states that see snow in the winter), you’ll probably want something to coverup or warm you on your wedding.

I searched for the perfect alencon lace bolero and found it on Etsy. On the way, I also found many great alternatives. even though my search is over, I keep falling upon great ways for brides to feel warm and look hot without compromising the beauty of their wedding ensemble.

Check out these cuties, both from Anthropologie (love!).

#1 is the perfect cream capelet to keep you cozy without overpowering your gown. Added bonus, this would look adorable with a winter muff!

#2 is more of a silver tone (not so good with ivory, but fantastic with classic white) shrug that would look simply stunning with a strapless!

And… they’re both under $100!

Have at it, ladies, and keep the cold shoulder away from your beautiful day.

Battling Chilly Weather

I envy winter brides. There are so many cute shrugs and coverups made of fur, faux fur, gorgeous boucle and any number of of luxe materials. Finding a shrug for the spring presents a bit of a challenge.

It has to protect against spring’s unpredictable chill without being too warm. While we can work with lace, satin or organza, many of those are more for show than for warmth (and I’m a chilly baby 90% of the time).

In my search for the perfect shrug, I found this gorgeous Alvina Valenta number. It’s sleek and stunning with the right amount of off-the-shoulder glamour. I am in LOVE!

Perfect Lace Bolero


Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

My lace bolero is done! I worked with an awesome costume designer on Etsy — Rohm — and she just let me know that it is done.

Check out the pics — I don’t think I could be happier — there’s an Alencon Lace top layer and a swiss dot (pont de esprit) underlayer (I believe). Its actually much more beautiful than the ones I saw at the Macy’s Bridal Boutique (IMHO), and far less expensive.

She made this Bolero for only $160 — which is a steal compared to those $600 + NON-TAILORED ones.

Here’s how the process worked:
I emailed (convo’d) her on Etsy — explained what I was looking for as far as collar, materials, sleeves. She could have done a more structured collar, longer (even long-sleeved) arms, more coverage on the front, etc., but the parameters of this bolero are what I wanted.
She sent me a list of measurements to take, I sent them back.
We verified everything — including the color and she got working on it.
The turnaround time was about 6 weeks, but I let her know that there was no urgency on my part (my wedding isn’t for a year!).

Soooo… I am thrilled, you may be too. If you didn’t catch the link above, click here and check out her shop – you can see my bolero and other previous items if you click (under “other sales”) on the 48 (or more) sales link.

Oh, bliss.

Looking For A Lace Bolero?

mori-lee-bolero.jpgOkay, I’ve been scouring the world (well, the internet) for an alencon or chantilly lace bolero that isn’t over $500.

I found one!

Obsessed With Alencon Lace

Lately, I have been obsessed with Alencon lace. Monique Lhuillier really brought it back into vogue with some her dresses — Scarlet, Gardenia and other styles.

Part of me wants a simple, heavy silk dress with little embellishment. Another part of me dreams of a sleek alencon lace top over silk skirt, or a beautiful alencon overlay that gives the dress an incredible vintage look and feel.

The dress that I am loving right now is a simple ivory column dress — I’m thinking an alencon lace bolero (ML makes one that sells for around $1,200). My HTB would probably not thrill over that pricetag — and I’d prefer a longer honeymoon than a ML bolero, so perhaps custom is the way to go.

Maybe I’ll get over my love for alencon — but I doubt it.

UPDATE: Priscilla’s of Boston looks to have some cute lace boleros from Melissa Sweet, and Winnie Couture makes a great bolero called Zurii.

I still think I’ll go custom. You can buy the lace yourself at House of Fabric — the Alencon and Chantilly lace varies from about $49.95 – $120/yard, and most any seamstress could create a bolero with about 1.25 yard. It sure beats the $600+ price tag of some boleros.