Cartier, Tiffany-Style Ring

diamond.jpgLots of jewelry shops offer “Tiffany-style” rings or “Cartier-style” rings.

The thing about this is that:
a. They are NOT Tiffany & Co or Cartier rings if they are being sold by another jewelry store
b. You won’t be fooling anyone with a “styled” ring
c. trademark and patent laws ensure that no other jewelry stores will be able to see a ring that looks “that much” like a Tiffany & Co/Cartier ring
d. Brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and the like have been cracking down on counterfeiters and have been prosecuting

That doesn’t matter, you still want a ring that LOOKS like Tiffany & Co. or Cartier even if it isn’t.


Brilliant Plan

stella.jpgHmmm… a coworker asked me today about our new puppy (STELLA!), I said, “Oh, she’s fine. She’s so flippin’ cute.” My coworker chuckled and said, “That GTB is smart — divert you from engagement with a puppy.”


Is that how men think? Was Stella a ploy to keep from putting that ring on my finger?

I don’t think so… I’m mostly confident that that wasn’t the case. Mostly.

But if it was, well, I’ll take solace in the sweet puppy breathe and fluffy-love that is Stella.

Okay, This Is Cute

I imagine my HTB will be excited once he picks up the ring. Maybe not THIS excited, but this commercial put a smile on my face.

So Yesterday Or Sweet?

Okay, the iPhone is cool. I mess with my future groom’s iPhone frequently, and even though his phone displays full pages and they go through skweezer on my phone, I take a bit of joy from the fact that my pages load faster (probably because the content is compressed, but whatever).

So, here’s a video of a proposal through iPhone. I only hope he has that ring in a hard copy.