Amazed by The English Dept.

The English Dept. Is hosting their annual bridal show this weekend. I so wish I could be there!

These dresses are stunning, ethereal and… simply perfect.

Love, love, love.

The English Dept. Is run by owner/designer Elizabeth Dye. Photography by Lisa Warninger.

Oh, and for those of you who aren’t Portland-bound, check out Elizabeth’s Etsy store.

Vintage Fab Headpiece

Feathers & Frills on Etsy has some fantastic bridal headpieces. I love this dramatic rhinestone headband. It’d look spectacular at a traditional ballroom wedding with a simple strapless gown or a slinky 40s-style dress.

Love. It.


The prices are pretty amazing (the style is comparable to what my local Priscilla of Boston carries) and these pieces make me want to get married all over again!

Something Pretty For Your Hair

Oh my, I adore this lovely little bridal headband by Little White Dresser on Etsy – it’s lovely and sweet – vintage-y and of-the-moment. Oh, and the price – the “true star” headband is only $18! Headbands and flowing hair are such a gorgeous bridal look – I’m glad the combination is so popular right now.


I highly recommend you check out this and the other fabulous items in the shop.

Bursting With Flowers

I love hydrangea.

They look stunning in a wedding bouquet, and make a decent centerpiece on their own (in narrow vase).

I love that I see them so often in weddings, but also know that many brides lament the cost of them (florist markup can be quite high).

I was perusing, as I often do, and found these: 60 stems of hydrangea for a mere $129.99 with shipping included!

Though you can’t choose the actual color (they’re “mixed”) — one or two bunches of these would leave even a picky bride happy.

Figuring Out Wedding Flowers anemone

Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

I gave up on my grand illusion that I could possibly put together my wedding bouquet, as well as corsages for my mamma and the FMIL. SO…. I visited a florist.

I stepped into the shop and said, “I want something with ranunculus and French anemone” — which are the awesome white blossoms in the photo (which I borrowed from Studio MCC – go Wisconsin!)

I was dismayed to see that they didn’t have pages and pages of bouquets that they’ve personally done, but they did have some inspiration from magazines and books… enough that I could say “that’s too big,” “that’s too floufy,” “that’s too ugly.”

I think I’d better stop at a few other florists, but its refreshing to know that I won’t be spending $2000 on flowers… that’s just not my thing.

Sexy & Subtle

Jenny Lee

Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

I really dig this lace-up back by Jenny Lee.

The lace-up space is broad (nearly the entire back), the laces are thick (so much classier than thin straps) and the dress just exudes classic beauty.

The cut is modest yet beautiful.
I like the ballerina-style of the front of the gown.

If I didn’t already have a dress, I’d seriously track this baby down and try it on. Its available at one shop in Minnesota — L’atelier Couture in Saint Paul (along with several other amazing lines, like Elizabeth Fillmore, Jesus del Pozo and Rosa Clara). Or, you could hop a plane to NYC and check it out at Bergdorf Goodman. Its your choice.

Image from

I’m SO Excited

rohm-jacket-1.jpgrohm-alencon-long-sleeved.jpgI ordered a bolero! Not only is it not like *every other* bolero out there, but mine is actually custom made for me and my slightly-chubby arms, built from measurements of my body, so it should fit like a dream!

Anyway, I got it from Etsy (as I seem to be getting a LOT of my bridal outfit accessories). The shop owner, Emily, actually does quite a bit of theatre costume design. She has an amazing eye for beauty and detail.

Check out her Etsy shop – Rohm – if you want a custom bolero for your wedding.

p.s. for the record, my bolero will have cap sleeves and is made of alencon lace over dotted stretch netting. I’ve asked for no closures.

Looking For A Lace Bolero?

mori-lee-bolero.jpgOkay, I’ve been scouring the world (well, the internet) for an alencon or chantilly lace bolero that isn’t over $500.

I found one!

Wedding Dresses Are A Funny Thing

mori-lee-dress.jpgWedding dresses… the topic of so many books, magazines, blog postings (like this one!), shops and musings.

Its funny how a dress that one would consider to be ugly, another may find beautiful.

I was never into the designer Mori Lee until I saw this dress. Now, since I am not a size 4, I see no reason to think that I would look like this while wearing this dress (oh no, my size 10 frame wouldn’t squeeze into that little thing if it were split at the seams).

And…what the heck?! I’ve always been the one to vocally share my distaste of lace, beading and sweetheart necklines, and now? I’m chasing them down!

I can admire this beautiful dress from the safety of my computer screen (without the slightest strain on my pocketbook) — but this little beauty will never touch my body.

Isn’t she lovely?

Wedding Flower: Option 3, Simple, Fresh

bouquet-hydrangea.jpgHydrangeas are a popular choice for brides, and for good reason. they are full, don’t require a lot of attention, they are hardy and beautiful.

Two or three stems/branches of hydrangea can create a fab , rounded bouquet.

Or, you could use hydrangea as a base and insert sweet pea, roses, calla lilies, even irises to the mix for a variety of texture and a beautiful bouquet.

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