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Inexpensive, Easy Save The Dates & Thank You Cards

I wish I’d explored save the date options more when we first chose our wedding date. I know a lot of brides and grooms use the photocard option – it’s inexpensive and can highlight those often underused engagement photos.

I stumbled up Costco’s photocards recently – and just have to share how wonderful they are. The process for ordering is absolutely simple. Just load your photos, add them to a template, add your copy, review and submit. Once you’ve submitted them, you can have the order processed and pick them up THE NEXT MORNING at your local Costco. The price is pretty fabulous. 6.5×7 photocards with envelopes are $15.99 for the first set of 50, and $6.99 for each additional set. 75 Save the Dates for only $22? That’s pretty amazing. The prices are better than what I’ve found on Target, Shutterfly and Walmart – especially when considering the size and quality. Is it obvious that I’m super impressed by these photocards? They’d also work really well as thank-you cards!

I heard that they’re changing the designs available pretty soon – but I imagine they’re just adding options or making them more customizable.

If you’ve got a membership, check them out. If you don’t — the membership is more than worth it, if you’re getting your STDs here.


march-08-036.jpg Here’s a pic of the ring. For some reason, diamonds are REALLY difficult to take photos of!

Didn’t the GTB do a fantastic job? Even the edges are squared so it doesn’t turn on my finger.

Here we go!

Pretty Purses To Carry Your Stuff

letty-handbag.jpgletty-bag-2.jpgI’ve gotten my wedding purse sort of figured out.

Here’s the deal. I haven’t chosen my dress, shoes, hairpiece or hairstyle. But… the purse seems like an easy, light thing to focus on. I have it narrowed down to some beautiful pieces from two seperate designers.

Letty Designs has these beautiful, rich and glamorous bags that would be perfect for a wedding, fundraiser or cocktail party. These little numbers have exceptional attention to detail and use really fabulous materials. They are a bit more pricy than I’d budgeted, but… I may be able to justify. Want to buy one? Check out I Do & Baby Too (my absolute FAVORITE bridal shop).

I Said Yes!

Well, the GTB proposed this weekend! I couldn’t post between then and now because I know I would leak the news and I had to tell some family and friends before posting (how upset would you be if you found out over blog?!)

Anyway… here’s how it happened:

The GTB brought Stella out for her morning potty break (6:45 am!).

When she comes back in, she always runs to the bedroom and has to be loved by the person still in bed. I was out cold until I heard her little tags jingling, so I reached down all groggy to pet her. Then I opened my eyes and saw a little ribbon around her.

I was instantly awake, picked her up and set her on the bed. She started running around like a maniac because she was excited to be on our bed (her first time!).

The GTB helped me catch her and pulled the ring off the ribbon.

It was be-u-tiful. It literally took my breath away.

He said some beautiful words about love and living our lives together and asked me if I’d marry him. Of course I said yes!

…Now, I am trying to figure out how to take a good photo of the ring — its a lot more difficult to catch the sparkle of a diamond than you’d thing!

Living The Sweet Life

All I could think of the moment I put in notice at my old job was getting some time off without work nagging in the back of my mind. I was obsessed with a week at home with the pup and the BTB.

I had a whole list of things I was going to do…

*Watch a few movies

*Catch a few college basketball games

*Spend some QT with the BTB and the puppy

*Catch up with a few people

Now, the week has come and, for the most part, gone. I’ve managed to get in a half a basketball game, watch *A* movie and have found a new job. I’ve managed to spent lots of time playing with and training the pup (on a side note, you should see our little girl ring a bell to tell us when she has to pee. I’m a proud papa indeed.).

I’ve also spent time filling requests for my lovely bride-to-be. I’ve grocery shopped, painted a closet and “gotten organized.”

Transitioning from the life of a bachelor to the life of a (more or less) married man isn’t going to be easy. Where did this week go???

This Puppy is THE BEST

The poop patrol marches on, my friends.

We’ve been talking about a number of methods for training our little Stella, but the focus of the work has been on potty training.  She seems to get that she’s supposed to go outside by now.  She also seems to want to hold it for when we let her out.  That said, she’s still having issues with letting us know.

We’ve decided to teach her to use a bell that is attached to the door and we’re finding a little success.  I still think it’s a coincidence right now and that she’s really ringing the bell just for fun.  Let me tell you though, there’s nothing more exciting than watching your puppy poop after she uses the tools to let you know.

Potty training is tiring, but trust me, it’s rewarding.  If anyone has any tricks of the trade, let me know about ’em because I’m actually enjoying this.

Cute Proposal Caught On Tape

I have filtered through an amazing amount of stupid videos, staged proposals and cheesy shorts to bring you a few of the cute, fun, original proposals caught on tape.

Here’s a sweet one — even though its got some annoying ad for Utah Brides.

Proposal On NBC

Okay, its not like it was “that” difficult for this couple to find airtime on NBC. But, the proposal was sweet and he manages to defy one assumption about male figure skater.

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Apparently, as we returned from the bar last night (before midnight! sad, I know!), we left the garage door open. This morning, as we were bringing the pup to the groomer, we drove past the garage and noticed it was completely open. Like we hadn’t even closed the overhead door! My heart stopped as I imagined some criminal defacing my new Murano and pedaling off on my bike.

The GTB went into the garage tentatively, opened the car doors and… nothing! The garage sat open for over 8 hours and was blissfully untouched!

My faith in the neighborhood just grew exponentially.

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