Gotta Decide On Shoes

wedding shoes

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I have 2 pair of potential wedding shoes (so far).

On top, we’ve got the funky Salvatore Ferragamo’s from Saks.

I love the stacked heel, the lucious leather, the comfort. These are all quality.

On the bottom are the Zara shoes that we got in San Francisco.

They are fairly comfy, I love the patent leather, and the wedge heel could prevent me from having my shoes sink into the grass as we do post-wedding, pre-reception photos.

I just can’t decide.

Pretty Purses To Carry Your Stuff

letty-handbag.jpgletty-bag-2.jpgI’ve gotten my wedding purse sort of figured out.

Here’s the deal. I haven’t chosen my dress, shoes, hairpiece or hairstyle. But… the purse seems like an easy, light thing to focus on. I have it narrowed down to some beautiful pieces from two seperate designers.

Letty Designs has these beautiful, rich and glamorous bags that would be perfect for a wedding, fundraiser or cocktail party. These little numbers have exceptional attention to detail and use really fabulous materials. They are a bit more pricy than I’d budgeted, but… I may be able to justify. Want to buy one? Check out I Do & Baby Too (my absolute FAVORITE bridal shop).

OMG Shoes 8

wedding-shoe-benjamin-walk-3.jpgSimple yet sexy, this pair of Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk shoes exemplify the feeling most brides want to achieve.

The satin fabric can be dyed to nearly any color and the 2 1/4 heel isn’t tall enough to make you totter, but offers a nice elongated leg.

I’d wear these, and I just may. I just need to decide… white, cream, blush or my wedding color?


OMG Shoes 5

wedding-shoe-blue-tux-2.jpg Now, these shoes are more like it. I know that Blue Tux sells shoes with the tagline, “Good for more than a one night stand.”

Crafty… are they talking about the shoes or you…? Hmmm

Anyway, these shoes are actually manageable. The heel isn’t over-the-top at a mere 2 1/4 inches, the heel will give you support and the chris-cross pattern peek-a-boo pattern is supportive yet sexy (ugh, sounds like a bra!). The cool thing is that most Blue Tux shoes come in a white or blush color and they are dyeable! Woo hoo. This one goes onto my short list.

OMG Shoes 1

wedding-shoe-joan-and-david-250.jpgI love shoes. I have a collection of summer shoes that I swap out with my winter shoes, because my poor closet just can’t hold more than 30 pair at a time.

So naturally, I start to look for wedding shoes LONG before I’m married. Heck, I even have a pair from Zara that I got while shopping on Union Square, San Francisco earlier this month, which I choose for my wedding (alas, the color is too dark to go with a wedding dress).

I spent a good chunk of the day looking up shoes. I found a lot of dyeable shoes, most of which looked like they belong in 1992 or a strip club. Check out my parade (and commentary) of the good, bad and ugly wedding shoes.

These Joan and David shoes are okay — I dig the kitten heel and the shape, but the dots may be a bit too weird for a wedding. What do you think?

Not My First Choice…

flutter-scarlet-wedding-dress.jpgI know I’m not engaged, but that doesn’t mean I can’t browse wedding dresses online. Its not like I am running to the local bridal shop, trying on dresses of all sorts, twirling like a princess.

I feel I am justified in my preliminary searches, as I know some brides who would maintain a binder with dress ideas, centerpieces, etc, long before they’d even met their groom-to-be.

I am sharing a dress that just doesn’t do it for me. While I like to be a bit different in my choices, I wouldn’t go for this too-flowy dress that really looks like something a bride pieced together from a sale at Charlotte Russe. I love the shop where this came from, I simply don’t love the style, if you’re interested, click here.

What do you think? Would you wear something like this on your wedding day, for the sake of fashion?