Just Loving Our Photographer

I knew that our photographer was the right person for us as soon as I saw her blog. Then I met her, and I was so completely sure, there was no question that we’d be hiring Laura.

We ended up losing a $750 deposit because of her awesomeness, but… I know it will all be worth it.

Check out these great pics from my friend Rachel’s wedding to her love, Aaron.

Laura did such a fabulous job capturing the sheer joy of their day, that I just had to share.

Both R and I are beyond excited to work with her in less than 2 months!

I Do Love a Sample Sale

I love sample sales. I have some really awesome tops that my friends all covet, that came from sample sales. I love getting something original and even better, I love getting a DEAL!

So… I think I’ll have to drag my sister to the Priscilla of Boston Sample Sale! Wedding dresses start at $199, bridesmaid/party frocks start at just $19.99.

Who knows what they’ll have… my only disappointment is that I already ordered a new gown to replace my poor, damaged Vera Wang. Oh well — at least this way I won’t have to worry about getting it cleaned (and stressing over dress #2 getting ruined). Who knows, maybe I’ll score a bridesmaid/cocktail dress in the process! A girl can never have too many little black dresses!

I would totally wear any of these!

Find Your Perfect Venue

vendor fetch

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Bella Gala, the monster company of all things wedding, has come up with this handy-dandy vendor fetch.

I’ll just ignore the fact that the image is an impossibly close rendition of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Vendor Fetch allows you to search for venues based on location, style of venue, size of our wedding, features of the site or price of the venue.

This tool is quite handy if you’re still undecided on the location of your wedding and want to uncover some sites that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Its annoying because it doesn’t allow direct comparisons and it seems that many of the photos are broken.

But, in all honesty, this tool is quite awesome. Take it for a spin!

Looking Back: Bitchy Bridal Shop

With all this wedding talk swirling about in my conversations and head, I was suddenly, vividly reminded of a bridal shop experience while shopping for bridesmaid dresses with my friend Lisa.

We went to The Wedding Shoppe in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The neighborhood is just lovely, little shops and cafes, cute brownstones, and generally friendly people.

Well, we tried on some dresses, and the employees were of little to no help. It was clear that we were cutting into their riveting conversation about dinner the night previous (when asking bout a manufacturer/sizes, etc), and they were not happy about it.

After about 20 minutes of being clearly avoided, we decided that we’d look at a few more dresses on our way out the door.

Lisa (the bride)’s mom was telling a hilarious story, and was a bit animated in her telling. That is when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the sales people mimicking Lisa’s mom. Like, lipsyncing what she was saying, while grossly exagerating her motions.

We were horrified.

Of course the manager on site was nearly impossibe to speak to, and was on the edge of condescension. She offered us 10% off dresses, or something like that as recourse.

Right, like we would EVER shop in a “shoppe” like that. I’d rather pay 2x the price and get quality service and non-rude salespeople.

Engagement Ring Shopping: Continental Diamond

diamond-ring-2.jpgMy roommate Rachel’s friend (Ashley? Rachel?) got an engagement ring from here, so consider me “referred.”

We walked into the shop and noticed a bunch of people shopping (it was around 1:30 on a weekday). There must have been at least 12 customers in the shop, and probably 7 visible employees.

We checked out the cases, finding Martin Flyer rings as well as A. Jaffe (both were designers of our short-list rings), but they didn’t have the styles we liked, and the other rings they offered left plenty to be desired.

But, I was hopeful, as there were quite a few people perusing and buying jewelry, so we gave it a shot.


Engagement Ring Shopping: Cartier

Cartier RingWe took a little trip down to Chicago last weekend, so my beloved could watch his Green Bay Packers get trounced by the Chicago Bears. It was a sad (and very cold) day for him.

We drove (!!!) down, and made sure to give ourselves enough time to relax, check into our hotel and hit Michigan Ave. for some prime shopping.

And then, we saw it… (cue angel choir) Cartier.

Of course we had to look!