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I Said Yes!

Well, the GTB proposed this weekend! I couldn’t post between then and now because I know I would leak the news and I had to tell some family and friends before posting (how upset would you be if you found out over blog?!)

Anyway… here’s how it happened:

The GTB brought Stella out for her morning potty break (6:45 am!).

When she comes back in, she always runs to the bedroom and has to be loved by the person still in bed. I was out cold until I heard her little tags jingling, so I reached down all groggy to pet her. Then I opened my eyes and saw a little ribbon around her.

I was instantly awake, picked her up and set her on the bed. She started running around like a maniac because she was excited to be on our bed (her first time!).

The GTB helped me catch her and pulled the ring off the ribbon.

It was be-u-tiful. It literally took my breath away.

He said some beautiful words about love and living our lives together and asked me if I’d marry him. Of course I said yes!

…Now, I am trying to figure out how to take a good photo of the ring — its a lot more difficult to catch the sparkle of a diamond than you’d thing!

Cute Proposal Caught On Tape

I have filtered through an amazing amount of stupid videos, staged proposals and cheesy shorts to bring you a few of the cute, fun, original proposals caught on tape.

Here’s a sweet one — even though its got some annoying ad for Utah Brides.

Proposal On NBC

Okay, its not like it was “that” difficult for this couple to find airtime on NBC. But, the proposal was sweet and he manages to defy one assumption about male figure skater.

Roller Girl Gets A Proposal

A woman from IndieBride posted a link to her proposal. Her then-boyfriend had to make do with a “stand-in” ring, but the setup is still sweet!

Over-The-Top Proposals

I have posted some proposals that took a lot of thought, time, money or planning.

Today, I stumbled upon an article that pushes that envelope a bit too far.

One man hired an actor and others to present a full day, including helicopter ride and spa day. His reason for doing is what really made me realize how over-the-top it really was. When asked why, his response was that “men want bragging rights.”

Huh?! I expected something like, “I love her immensely and wanted to show that to her.”

Is it really about bragging rights for some men?

Brilliant Plan

stella.jpgHmmm… a coworker asked me today about our new puppy (STELLA!), I said, “Oh, she’s fine. She’s so flippin’ cute.” My coworker chuckled and said, “That GTB is smart — divert you from engagement with a puppy.”


Is that how men think? Was Stella a ploy to keep from putting that ring on my finger?

I don’t think so… I’m mostly confident that that wasn’t the case. Mostly.

But if it was, well, I’ll take solace in the sweet puppy breathe and fluffy-love that is Stella.

Whatever Will I Nag About?

trellis-ring.jpgWhat will I nag about after he gives me the ring?

Now, without having it or knowing what stage he’s in (and, ahem, waiting for the proposal as much or more than the ring), I am literally giddy with excitement. Almost all minutes of the day, at least while he’s in the metro area.

The suspense is delicious and damning at the same time.

So I wonder, after he proposes, what will I be able to bug and beg him about?

(note: I really don’t know what the ring looks like, this is simply a pretty, sparkly image for us to dream about and oogle over).


So, Sunday morning, my HTB explains to me all groggy and tired-like, a dream he had the night before. He dreamt we were in church (which we’ve attended together once, on Christmas) and he was kneeling. All of a sudden the priest drew the entire congregation’s attention to him and he literally had to propose on the spot.

Doesn’t sound like he feels pressured, does it?!?!

My dream, that same night: I walked into work. Busted into my friend Monica’s office and thrust out my left hand. On it was a super-sparkly & beautiful diamond ring (apparently my engagement ring). She leapt out from behind her desk and hugged me. Then we jumped up and down in joy.

Interesting compare/contrast on dreams & thoughts from the GTB and the BTB.

Results From That Amazing Proposal

Did you check out that amazing animated proposal from a previous entry? Here’s the couple involved, and her responses during the actual video. This guy makes nearly every proposal look weak, but… not every man can work with a team of over 100 people
to make an engagement incredible.

P.S. I know, no matter what my HTB chooses to do, I’ll love it, because I love him.

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