Design Help for the Graphically Stunted

A designer, I am not. Yet, I love creating stuff in PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

I still haven’t gotten the hang of live trace or vectorizing stuff on my computer, so I use a brilliant cheat.

I needed a vector image for my letterpress printing plates, and I was somewhat horrified at the aspect of me trying to figure out HOW to make it look good and not waste 73 hours working on it (my learning curve is… steep on these programs).

I stumbled onto Vector Magic one day, and I have to got to say that I use it frequently. All you do is upload your image, tweak the settings (super easy!), choose the colors you want (you can use the colors pre-selected by the program, or your own), and vectorize it. Usually, I mess with it to create a few different versions before I download the final product.

If you’re designing your own invites and using a photo or other piece of art, it’s truly a godsend.

Here’s my path to vectorized tree for my wedding invitations:

The original photo — I purchased this stock image online.
Post-PhotoShop (trimmed it down, removed background) — don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be “perfect”

Believe me, I know I’m not even sub-par at this… but I’m satisfied with the results, and that’s what really matter 😉

Stay tuned… you might even see our wedding invitations with this tree in action 🙂

A Giant Leap For Me

I’ve never lived with a boyfriend. I’ve lived with my parents and sisters. I’ve had roommates that ranged from a fun-crafty, like-minded roommate from Craigslist (one of my top 2!) to a feline obsessed kook who literally thought I turned her cat against her and who would watch me while I slept. I’ve never lived with a guy outside of my family — unless you could those 2 months a girlfriend and I shared a room in a houseful of guys in college — ick, what a mess that was. That doesn’t count because I was sleeping on a bunkbed.

So… we’ve booked the moving company. On Feb. 9, my bed, undies, shoes (shoes & shoes), and every little knick knack I own will be carted off to the GTB’s house.

And… I’m not nervous and I’m not scared, but I am… hmmm, experiencing a bit of anxiety. I mean — this is HUGE for me.

Is this normal?

Its the first step in our journey to a life together. Suddenly, its all so real.

This Proposal Took WAY Too Much Work

Hey guys, want to feel like you just didn’t work hard enough on her proposal?

Check out this YouTube clip designed by an animator and 20 animator friends/helpers.

Jesh, talk about overkill.

But, its pretty funny, has great pop culture references and all-around pretty amazing.

The Anticipation Is Killing Me

After all the ring shopping, I am now salivating at the mouth with the prospect of a ring. I find my eyes wandering to left hands out of habit.

I even may have straightened out my posture once or twice while the HTB (Husband To Be) reached in his pocket and his speech pattern drifted as though he were focused on something else.

I know he didn’t even order a ring or design one, but now I’ve become one of the dreaded “proposal anticipators.” I know it’ll happen when I least expect it.

Part of me hates the waiting, but the rest of me is relishing the anticipation (not that it wouldn’t get tiring after a few months — hint, hint honey!).

How To Propose

Does the proposal matter?

I’ve heard horror stories of girls saying no, of guys inadvertently “surprising” their girlfriends by asking a question while tying a shoe, of girls who get really angry because their man waits to long/buys a small ring/embarasses them in public, etc etc.

Do you get help from family?
Do you plan an elaborate ordeal or a private affair?
What do the tears mean?
Do you whisk her away?
Do you keep it simple?

How did you propose, or how were you proposed to?