Kick up Your Heels

Oh pink. Lovely, sweet, delicious pink.

I wish we were including pink in our wedding palette, even salmon would do.

Since we’re not, I’m simply swooning over these hot! pink shoes from Forever 21. They’d be the perfect pop under an a-line satin gown, and would look stunning in your wedding photos.

If pink isn’t your thing, these babies also come in aqua (hello, Tiffany Blue wedding!)

The beauty of them, for budget minded brides, is the pricetag… $20.80!


My Name is Kenzie, and I’m a Gift Wrap Addict

I have a confession to make. I’ve kept it hidden for a long, long time, but I must bring it out into the open.

I have an addiction to gift wrap and ribbons. It started innocently enough, one day at Papyrus. I discovered thick gift wrap. It was luxurious, it lent a crisp fold and it looked stunning when carefully wrapped around a gift.

I bought a roll of paper, figuring I’d wrap a gift with it. I used some of the paper while wrapping a birthday gift for a dear friend, and received a simple compliment, “Oh wow, this gift is almost too pretty to unwrap.”

Soon thereafter, I began to buy nicer ribbon, grosgrain, satin, even double-sided satin, in an attempt to make my lovingly purchased gifts show the care I put into them, before they were even opened.

Not long after I started investing in quality ribbons, did I notice that people really DO notice. They’d comment at birthday parties, weddings and baby showers, “Oh, that gift must be from Kenzie, it’s beautiful.”

Now, I cannot stop.

I realized today that I have a problem. In the last month, I ordered 6 sheets from a high-end store, purchased 2 more on Wednesday and then acquired another 5 rolls today. My collection is made of Snow and Graham, Wooster and Prince, Paper Source and others like them. On top of that, I’ve purchased 6 rolls of satin ribbon.

The GTB just rolled his eyes and laughingly told me that he wouldn’t have gotten serious with me if he’d known about my “sickness.”

The top photo is my rolls of gift wrap (and our cute Frenchies — Louis and Lola) — the sad thing is that 4 of those rolls are made of multiple sheets of different patterns — to save space. The bottom photo is my “collection” of ribbons, to be used on future gifts.

At least I haven’t color-coordinated them… yet.

Battling Chilly Weather

I envy winter brides. There are so many cute shrugs and coverups made of fur, faux fur, gorgeous boucle and any number of of luxe materials. Finding a shrug for the spring presents a bit of a challenge.

It has to protect against spring’s unpredictable chill without being too warm. While we can work with lace, satin or organza, many of those are more for show than for warmth (and I’m a chilly baby 90% of the time).

In my search for the perfect shrug, I found this gorgeous Alvina Valenta number. It’s sleek and stunning with the right amount of off-the-shoulder glamour. I am in LOVE!

My Ruined Dress Pt. 2 of 2

After I took the Vera Wang home and happily shared the news of our union (lol), I set forth to get her modified and cleaned.

I contacted the seamstress I’d worked with for multiple prom and bridesmaid dresses and we went over the changes I wanted…

1. determine and create bustle
2. remove sashes
3. change back of dress from simple zip to a more detailed, somewhat open back similar to an Anne Barge dress that I love)

We agreed upon the changes and I bid my dress farewell (but not before shooting several photos!).


My Ruined Dress, Pt. 1 of 2

Here’s the story of my wedding gown… er, the gown that WAS to be my wedding gown.

I went to Macy’s Bridal Sample Sale in April, arriving 1 hour before the doors open. I was probably about number 120 in line… which means that there were women who had been waiting since 6:00 a.m. or sooner. Wow.

I had tried to get my sister to join me, but she was snoozing, so I faced the sea of lace, satin and tulle alone.

So anyway, my experience in line was pleasant. The girls in front of me were not exactly friendly, but there were plenty of women with small or no entourages who were friendly and chatty.
Want to see the dress, click More

I’m Obsessed

bride-1.jpgbride-2.jpgWe have decided on a casual wedding. Not “picnic table” casual (though I’d have loved that if we could find it…), but casual.

For some reason, I keep going to look at a certain dress. Natch, to obsess about it. I stare at it. I look at the alternate views several times a week. I try to imagine myself in the dress.

Would I look frumpy? Sexy? Over the top? Casual? Beautiful? Flouncy? Words I rarely use bounce into my vocabulary as I try to picture myself in this style of dress.

Why do I love it? I typically scoff at dresses with flowers-shapes stuck onto them. I don’t like flouncy skirts much. I don’t want any sort of train or bustle. I’m not sure I want to spend much on a dress, but this beauty is easily under a grand, even with alterations.

Is it worth ordering? I don’t know. But I do know that I am certifiably obsessed.