Wedding Weight Loss Tips

Okay, this is completely hilarious, even if I am in the majority who do plan to get more fit before my wedding day.

How To Be A Bridezilla

wedding-cake-topper.jpgThe Bridezilla are a special breed of woman. Not everyone can be one, and not every ‘Zilla exhibits the traits until a sudden glint of a diamond suddenly switches something in their brains.

Here are the easy steps you must follow:
1. Cry with disappointment when your boyfriend proposes. Tell him that you really want to marry him, but simply can’t do that unless you’re wearing a 3 carat Tiffany ring.

2. Choose a wedding color down to the shade. Make sure that you won’t allow any variances, it must be THAT color, no exceptions.

3. Approach your bridal shop, hairstylist and makeup artist with a photo of EXACTLY what you want to look like. It doesn’t matter that the model is 16 years old, 6 feet tall and Brazilian with thick, lucious hair and full lips. You want to look exactly like her. If they can’t make it happen, they’re just trying to ruin your day.

This Proposal Took WAY Too Much Work

Hey guys, want to feel like you just didn’t work hard enough on her proposal?

Check out this YouTube clip designed by an animator and 20 animator friends/helpers.

Jesh, talk about overkill.

But, its pretty funny, has great pop culture references and all-around pretty amazing.

How To Propose

Does the proposal matter?

I’ve heard horror stories of girls saying no, of guys inadvertently “surprising” their girlfriends by asking a question while tying a shoe, of girls who get really angry because their man waits to long/buys a small ring/embarasses them in public, etc etc.

Do you get help from family?
Do you plan an elaborate ordeal or a private affair?
What do the tears mean?
Do you whisk her away?
Do you keep it simple?

How did you propose, or how were you proposed to?