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We’re In a Magazine!

One of our photos was chosen to be used in an article featuring our wedding photography. It’s an international magazine – based in Bulgaria. Apparently it’s like the Bulgarian version of Marie Claire or Glamour. At any rate… I consider it a big “yay!”

Here’s the pic –

Here’s the link – http://www.lauraivanovablog.com/?p=1018

Stay tuned to see another photo from our wedding published (this spring). This time, in a well-known U.S. magazine.

Vendor Review – Caterer

(note: this review is absolutely separate from the cake/cupcake review)

Vendor grade: D

We were really struggling with the menu for the reception. We wanted something nontraditional and delicious. We wanted roasted vegetables, meat and something other than potatoes. We wanted a meal that our guests would remember.

We decided to work with Miel y Leche for our reception meal.



I approached Sheela with a price that we were comfortable with (with room to wiggle in either direction, we were completely ready for a counter-price) – a price that was right in the range of their catered meals – and she accepted the price.

I presented my thoughts on the menu:
chicken skewers —– beef skewers
roasted vegetables —– fresh fruit
bread and butter —– couscous
(no drinks were included and we provided our own dishes)

When we met, Sheela suggested we add:
eggplant rolls with mint and chili
quinoa with fruit and nuts

I was all for the additions — how delicious!

When we presented the quote, we were anticipating 150 – 160 guests and MyL was to plan for those numbers, accordingly.

The day of the wedding, dinner started late. The catering team arrived late, so we gave them a little slack. Dinner was supposed to begin at 5, and they pulled up to the reception site at about 4:50 – and started to unload.


Vendor Review – Day of Coordinator

Rating Grade: A+

I love, love, love our Day of Coordinator – and probably would have had a breakdown if it wasn’t for her.

Monica of Moments Like This was an absolute gem!

She arrived with her assistant, Amber, about 15 minutes early, and presented me with an awesome emergency kit (that seriously contained… everything!).

I left them with a little bit of crazy. The tables, chairs and tent hadn’t been delivered, and the last few family members working on set-up were… chaotic.

And did I mention that it was windy? Like 30 – 40 mph wind gusts?

When I arrived at the site around 3:45 (they’d been there for 4 hours), the transformation was AMAZING. There were lights strung within the tent, and dotted with the rice paper lanterns I’d left. All the tables in the tent were set (despite the poor quality of table the rental place provided us), the chairs were in place and each detail I’d planned was executed flawlessly.

Per our plan, Monica was to be there for 4 hours. She and Amber were there for that and more, and neither uttered a peep of complaint.

My only regret, after working with Monica, is that I hadn’t found her sooner, I think she would have saved me a LOT of stress with vendors and planning and organizing the event.

Love this woman!

Great Wedding Makeup

MAC fergie

Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

I love MAC. So much that, I even go to their little events in which they launch new collections.

I’ve used MAC and their talented artists for most of the weddings in which I’ve participated.

I’m even considering using them for my own wedding (though I have a few months to pin down an artist).

Check out this gorgeous look that they’ve posted on their site. It’s called “Fergie.” I love it (though I think it needs some bronzer and blush to finish it off).

I love the neutral yet sexy eye color, the dark shade in the crease, the lighter shade near the lash line and the false lashes that go out to “there.” There’s the dramatic liner and of course the shadow under the eyes, giving the impact of all-around liner without the small-eye syndrome that comes from applying liner all the way around.

These colors could work on most any bride, and the dramatic yet subtle application takes the look from everyday to “wow.”

Image from MAC

Love Alterations!

I took my dress in for alterations. Before taking it in, I asked around on prices.

I had a laundry list of alterations:
1. remove attached sashes (SO long, so not me!)
2. reinforce 2 spots inside the dress where boning seemed to be planning an escape (it was a sample Vera Wang — I’d be kidding myself to think it wouldn’t need something fixed.
3. bustle the dress
4. well… lets just say that I bought a Vera Wang 10, which is closer to a street 6. And, I am closer to a street 10 or so. So, I packed myself into the dress, knowing that taking a dress out is VERY expensive and can leave yucky results.

The lady, Edie, who has done alterations for 3 prom dresses and 2 bridesmaid dresses (the one I didn’t take to them was the one that ended up having a broken zipper — thanks naughty bridal shop). Anyway, Edie measures me, checks the dress out, etc.

And gives me the quote.

Now, let me tell you that the over-the-phone estimates I had gotten so far were in the $180 – $350 range. Manageable, but not favorable.

Edie’s quote? Easily under $100 with money left over. My jaw fell when she told me the actual price, and she was like, “Oh, if that’s too high…”

The best part, I’ve seen her work many times and REALLY trust her.

So… crossing my fingers, but expecting the best!

Find out where – More

Another Great Photographer

Check out Federer Photography — Joe Federer covers your wedding from the beginning to end, with the help of a second photographer. His style, eye for lighting and decent prices are worth checking out.

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