This Proposal Took WAY Too Much Work

Hey guys, want to feel like you just didn’t work hard enough on her proposal?

Check out this YouTube clip designed by an animator and 20 animator friends/helpers.

Jesh, talk about overkill.

But, its pretty funny, has great pop culture references and all-around pretty amazing.

The Waiting Game

Now, I know he hasn’t designed or chosen the band yet. Heck, he hasn’t even seen the actual diamond in person yet. But I can’t help but be anxious.

Suddenly, I find myself wearing cuter shoes when we go out. Actually straightening my hair. Wearing more makeup than a swipe of mascara and some lip balm.

Like it matters how I look when he proposes. Will he change his mind about the whole thing if the night he plans to do it, my hair isn’t straightened and I’m wearing my old wool clogs? Doubt it.

The Anticipation Is Killing Me

After all the ring shopping, I am now salivating at the mouth with the prospect of a ring. I find my eyes wandering to left hands out of habit.

I even may have straightened out my posture once or twice while the HTB (Husband To Be) reached in his pocket and his speech pattern drifted as though he were focused on something else.

I know he didn’t even order a ring or design one, but now I’ve become one of the dreaded “proposal anticipators.” I know it’ll happen when I least expect it.

Part of me hates the waiting, but the rest of me is relishing the anticipation (not that it wouldn’t get tiring after a few months — hint, hint honey!).

How To Propose

Does the proposal matter?

I’ve heard horror stories of girls saying no, of guys inadvertently “surprising” their girlfriends by asking a question while tying a shoe, of girls who get really angry because their man waits to long/buys a small ring/embarasses them in public, etc etc.

Do you get help from family?
Do you plan an elaborate ordeal or a private affair?
What do the tears mean?
Do you whisk her away?
Do you keep it simple?

How did you propose, or how were you proposed to?

Proposals: What Not To Do

So, I know the proposal is all up to The Groom. And, I say that with a sigh of relief.

Here’s a video clip of what not to do…

RULE #1: Never ever perform before a live audience of thousands.