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The Budget – Broken Down Into Percentages

Neither R nor I ever wanted an extravagant day. While I completely appreciate those weddings, and love attending them, we knew that it was most important for us to have our wedding, and have it paid off on the day it occured.


We didn’t want to incur or carry any debt from the wedding, just as we didn’t carry any debt for my gorgeous engagement ring (which is a testament to the awesome saving-skills of my husband).

Well — the wedding is over, and we can proudly say that we do not owe a dime – to a single vendor or a credit card or anyone. This wedding is PAID FOR!

Here are the percentages of what we spent:

Vendor Review – Officiant

Vendor grade: A-

Since we knew that we wanted to be married outside, we weren’t too set on having a specific person marry us. We wanted someone who would do the ceremony we both wanted (somewhat quick, personal and comfortable).

We emailed and spoke with several officiants, and none really fit what we were looking for. Finally, I accidentally found this site.

We used their online ceremony builder to put together our ceremony (combining their prepared options with some of our own) to come up with exactly what we wanted.

Reverend Maverick showed up a bit before the ceremony (it would have been nice if he’d been a little earlier, but we didn’t ask him to be any earlier, in fairness to him) and we discussed the order and setup of the ceremony, then relaxed a bit as we waited for our guests to file in. He seemed a bit soft-spoken at first, but once the ceremony began, we found that his voice projected nicely, even in the wind.

The ceremony was warm and sweet and executed perfectly.

We were very happy with the Reverend, and also quite pleased with the price (around $200).

We’re married!

Saturday was a blur — it was windy, I was stressed, but my awesome family and fabulous DOC pulled everything together for a day that was mostly perfect (and who wants pure perfection anyway?!).

The weather was sunny (in the mid to high 50s) and some news reports called it “blustery.” I’ve officially lost any trust that I may have had for weather forecasters. I don’t think the predictions could have changed much more than they did.

It was gorgeous, and I was so very happy that we chose the ceremony/reception site we did, it truly had amazing views.

Some guests chose to sit outside, while the majority sat inside (we did have a table or two inside that didn’t fill until after dinner) – we made the rounds between groups of friends and family, and I believe I was able to spend a little time with nearly all of our guests (with the exception of about 10 people).

So, hooray!

Coming up soon — vendor reviews!

Introducing Both Pairs of My Wedding Shoes

I’ve gone back and forth on wedding shoes. I’ve got 3 pair sitting in my closet that I loved, and will love to wear, but that aren’t perfect for our wedding.

Pair 1 – apple green peep toe Salvatore Feragammos from Saks – very 1950s
Pair 2 – a cute ivory patent peep toe wedge from Zara in San Francisco (R picked them out)
Pair 3 – black satin peep toe with a beautiful silver/jeweled flower near the toes

But, in having an outdoor wedding, I felt I needed something that wouldn’t sink into the grass while we were shooting photos, or if I accidentally stepped off the path.

My ceremony shoes have to have a little height (I’m cool with only 2 inches), open toe and some sort of wedge or thicker heel, to prevent that dreadful “sinking into the grass” feeling.

My reception (or later into the reception) shoes need to be something I can dance in, and feel comfortable in for hours. Oh, and they have to be cute!

I think I finally found both of them.


My ceremony shoe – Hali by Report (and they’re on sale!) – cute, and perfect for an outdoor soiree.


My reception shoe – the always awesome J. Crew Joley. These babies will get a lot of love after the wedding too.


I am Loving Aisle Pomanders

I adore Martha Stewart poms and plan to figure out a way to use them for our wedding.

But there’s something so spectacular about pomanders, that I figure I will need to use them as well, for a nice color *pop* at our reception.

However, with our meager budget, pomanders made of real flowers are SO not going to happen.

VintageGlam Blog, however, has the solution!

Check out these awesome tissue paper pomanders that Amanda used at her ceremony. They were fairly inexpensive and stunning, when seen in succession.

pomander_vintageglamblog (images from {snippet & ink}

Here’s the link to Amanda’s tutorial on her {VintageGlam Blog}, so you can do them yourself.

I Want to Look Stunning

I want to shock my GTB on our wedding day. I want to look so beautiful that he’s speechless. Of course I still want to look like me, but I want to look like an amazing version of me, one that my future children will look up and say, “wow, mom looked beautiful on her wedding day.”

I don’t want them to laugh at my dated makeup, my tacky lipcolor or the cheesy backdrop (thank goodness I didn’t get hitched in 1992!).

Anyway, look at these before and after photos — I’d like a transformation of this proportion. These photos come from MN Bridal Makeup Artistry . If you’ve got the cash to spend, it’s $460 for the bride and 3 maids to get their beauty ON.

I’m seriously contemplating airbrush, but I’ll totally need to test run it!

Photos copyright by Matt Blum Photography. . I know that lighting is everything, but… wow.

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