Something Pretty For Your Hair

Oh my, I adore this lovely little bridal headband by Little White Dresser on Etsy – it’s lovely and sweet – vintage-y and of-the-moment. Oh, and the price – the “true star” headband is only $18! Headbands and flowing hair are such a gorgeous bridal look – I’m glad the combination is so popular right now.


I highly recommend you check out this and the other fabulous items in the shop.

Vendor Review – Makeup Artist

Vendor grade: A

I found my makeup artist on craigslist (I know!). She shared some great work that she’d done, and I booked her for a trial, just to make sure she’d be able to make me look good.

Elida showed up at my house with an arsenal of makeup. It was on rollers, had handles, and was made of that pounded metal… I was a little impressed and a little intimidated.

She got to work immediately, laying out 2 different combinations for my eyes (after asking what I wanted and assessing my coloring). I was thrilled that she was using MAC cosmetics — they’ve been my go-to brand for years.

The first combo was a smoky mix of browns and taupes. The second combo had some pops of pinky purples, with the majority of the colors being neutral. I went with the second combo because, as a green/hazel eyed girl, I know enough about color to know what makes my eyes shine.

Elida started working, and we chit-chatted while she did her thing.

I loved the results (see them here).

On the wedding day, she showed up 10 minutes early (awesome) and started to set up. She did SUCH a fabulous job — the highlighting, the contouring, the false lashes, the airbrush (!!!) — everything came together for a natural, yet gorgeous look.

I received SO many compliments on my appearance that day! I only wish I could have Elida do my makeup every day.

Her prices were certainly manageable too. Under $100 for the day-of (at your location) and under $50 for the trial.

Contact her here or e-mail me for her info.

I’ll Be A Sun-Kissed Bride

I love the look of a sun-kissed bride. That glow that seems to emanate from deep within, that look of sheer happiness.

I usually can’t achieve that look naturally. I get those dark circles under my eyes, my skin tone is sometimes blotchy and I generally don’t project that warmth (I try! I just don’t) – even though I am generally a very happy, easy-going person.

I can’t get into tanning. I did that when I was younger, but now that I see a little wrin

I tried a few cosmetic lines, but had minimal success as I tried to capture that look without looking all fakey-bakey.

Now, I can stop complaining 🙂

I ordered a sweet little set from Sephora – which includes an illuminating finishing powder (and it works!), an eyeshadow trio in gold glow, lip color in natalie (which looks dark, but comes out looking like a lovely soft wash of color), and lash visor waterproof mascara (hello, wedding day!).

Here are the products on their own:
Finishing powder
Eye shadow
Lip color

Or, you could buy the same get, snag a cute little metallic linen clutch and get it all for $38.


Love it!

On a side note, it’d make a lovely bridesmaid or mother’s day gift.

Here’s my makeup inspiration (and stylish celebrity-twin when comparing compexion, cheekbones and possibly jawline) Leighton Meester rocking that lovely sunkissed look.

At Least There’s an Option for Pregnant Brides

It’s rare that a woman would plan to be pregnant on her wedding day, but hey, things happen! It’s refreshing to see that there are several companies that now cater to this niche market and allow brides to wear ivory or white and look and feel as beautiful as brides who aren’t expecting a new addition to the new family.

Here are some lovelies from Maternity Bride and Isabella Oliver.

Jessica by Maternity Bride

Jessica by Maternity Bride

Even Target is getting in on the action!

Skip The Bouquet, Carry This Purse!

Who says you and your maids have to carry bouquets?

Have you ever considered gifting your maids (and/or matrons) with a sweet handbag they can use again and again, rather than supplying them with beautiful (but short-lived bouquets)?

I am absolutely loving these J.Crew jcrew_silk_gala_clutch_yellowjcrew_silk_gala_clutch_ivory

For $88 each, these Gala bags are one sweet gift and they’d look lovely next to a 50s style dress, a sleek gown or the cutie-pie yellow dress I mentioned earlier!

Other colors include black, aqua (spearmint) and tea rose (stunning dark pink).

My Wedding Jewelry… Oh Haute Bride

hb_lariatI’ve got 156 days (according to some random calendar counter I found through Google) until our wedding day.

Um, when did we get past 200 days?!

Anyway, I bit the bullet and purchased some loverly, gorgeosity known as Haute Bride jewelry.

Wanna see it?

Here are their stock photos…

And why did I buy this? Um, multi-tiered, sparkly gorgeousness that is a visual beauty from front to back.

I’d originally wanted a string of pearls (and would certainly be thrilled if a certain fiance decided to purchase said string as a Christmas gift), but then I got sucked into Haute Bride and ended up falling in love.

Now, just wait until you see my fabulous earrings!

Bursting With Flowers

I love hydrangea.

They look stunning in a wedding bouquet, and make a decent centerpiece on their own (in narrow vase).

I love that I see them so often in weddings, but also know that many brides lament the cost of them (florist markup can be quite high).

I was perusing, as I often do, and found these: 60 stems of hydrangea for a mere $129.99 with shipping included!

Though you can’t choose the actual color (they’re “mixed”) — one or two bunches of these would leave even a picky bride happy.

How The Heck am I Supposed To Lose Weight?!

How am I supposed to lose weight when:
1. I love wine… I typically have a glass (or a few each night)
2. I eat donuts and breakfast junkfood at work? Seriously, there’s a Pizza Luce around the corner, and we have breakfast treats each Friday and Monday!

I’m trying so hard, cutting back, etc, but with grad school, the remodel and wedding planning, it’s REALLY hard to squeeze workouts in too…


Any suggestions that might actually work!?

Shoes for Sale!

J. Crew has one of the best, wearable, gorgeous, trendy-yet-classic wedding/party/work shoe collections.

Bonus: right now, all their full-price boots and shoes are 25% off.

I’m in!

The code is “SHOESALE” and it lasts through November 19.

Warming Up Your Gorgeous Gown

ivorycapelet_weddingsilver_shrug_anthroI don’t care what style of gown you plan to wear, if you live in the midwest (or in any of the U.S. states that see snow in the winter), you’ll probably want something to coverup or warm you on your wedding.

I searched for the perfect alencon lace bolero and found it on Etsy. On the way, I also found many great alternatives. even though my search is over, I keep falling upon great ways for brides to feel warm and look hot without compromising the beauty of their wedding ensemble.

Check out these cuties, both from Anthropologie (love!).

#1 is the perfect cream capelet to keep you cozy without overpowering your gown. Added bonus, this would look adorable with a winter muff!

#2 is more of a silver tone (not so good with ivory, but fantastic with classic white) shrug that would look simply stunning with a strapless!

And… they’re both under $100!

Have at it, ladies, and keep the cold shoulder away from your beautiful day.

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