Vendor Review – Makeup Artist

Vendor grade: A

I found my makeup artist on craigslist (I know!). She shared some great work that she’d done, and I booked her for a trial, just to make sure she’d be able to make me look good.

Elida showed up at my house with an arsenal of makeup. It was on rollers, had handles, and was made of that pounded metal… I was a little impressed and a little intimidated.

She got to work immediately, laying out 2 different combinations for my eyes (after asking what I wanted and assessing my coloring). I was thrilled that she was using MAC cosmetics — they’ve been my go-to brand for years.

The first combo was a smoky mix of browns and taupes. The second combo had some pops of pinky purples, with the majority of the colors being neutral. I went with the second combo because, as a green/hazel eyed girl, I know enough about color to know what makes my eyes shine.

Elida started working, and we chit-chatted while she did her thing.

I loved the results (see them here).

On the wedding day, she showed up 10 minutes early (awesome) and started to set up. She did SUCH a fabulous job — the highlighting, the contouring, the false lashes, the airbrush (!!!) — everything came together for a natural, yet gorgeous look.

I received SO many compliments on my appearance that day! I only wish I could have Elida do my makeup every day.

Her prices were certainly manageable too. Under $100 for the day-of (at your location) and under $50 for the trial.

Contact her here or e-mail me for her info.

Make Me Pretty!

I had my makeup trial with a fabulous makeup artist I found on Craigslist.

When I started looking, I knew I wanted someone with MAC training, it’s the best. I chatted with about half a dozen potentials, one charging as little as $25 (but then she added travel costs from Burnsville), one costing as much as $175 for trial and day-of makeup.

Of all the artists, I found a few to be flaky (i.e. not returning calls), but most were encouraging.

Then I found Elida. She was super-professional, sending a contract to me, working with my schedule, and (best of all) promising to be flexible on my wedding day.

She showed up on Saturday afternoon, because I was really intent on seeing what my makeup would look like in daylight. She rolled up our front steps with an arsenal. It was a case on wheels that was about 3′ tall.

She was lovely to work with, discussing colors, showing me how they’d blend together before we even started. I completely forgot to print my inspiration pics, so I told her what I was looking for (smoky but not black eyes, toned down mouth, even skin tone, lashes). She totally delivered.

Here’s my before pic (don’t mind the messy hair, I was cleaning the garage and my letterpress room) – also, be careful, I’m lacking makeup 🙂
Here’s my after pic.

And another of me with my sisters.

The total price: $40 for trial, $80 for day-of.

Want her info? PM me.

I’ll Be A Sun-Kissed Bride

I love the look of a sun-kissed bride. That glow that seems to emanate from deep within, that look of sheer happiness.

I usually can’t achieve that look naturally. I get those dark circles under my eyes, my skin tone is sometimes blotchy and I generally don’t project that warmth (I try! I just don’t) – even though I am generally a very happy, easy-going person.

I can’t get into tanning. I did that when I was younger, but now that I see a little wrin

I tried a few cosmetic lines, but had minimal success as I tried to capture that look without looking all fakey-bakey.

Now, I can stop complaining 🙂

I ordered a sweet little set from Sephora – which includes an illuminating finishing powder (and it works!), an eyeshadow trio in gold glow, lip color in natalie (which looks dark, but comes out looking like a lovely soft wash of color), and lash visor waterproof mascara (hello, wedding day!).

Here are the products on their own:
Finishing powder
Eye shadow
Lip color

Or, you could buy the same get, snag a cute little metallic linen clutch and get it all for $38.


Love it!

On a side note, it’d make a lovely bridesmaid or mother’s day gift.

Here’s my makeup inspiration (and stylish celebrity-twin when comparing compexion, cheekbones and possibly jawline) Leighton Meester rocking that lovely sunkissed look.

I Want to Look Stunning

I want to shock my GTB on our wedding day. I want to look so beautiful that he’s speechless. Of course I still want to look like me, but I want to look like an amazing version of me, one that my future children will look up and say, “wow, mom looked beautiful on her wedding day.”

I don’t want them to laugh at my dated makeup, my tacky lipcolor or the cheesy backdrop (thank goodness I didn’t get hitched in 1992!).

Anyway, look at these before and after photos — I’d like a transformation of this proportion. These photos come from MN Bridal Makeup Artistry . If you’ve got the cash to spend, it’s $460 for the bride and 3 maids to get their beauty ON.

I’m seriously contemplating airbrush, but I’ll totally need to test run it!

Photos copyright by Matt Blum Photography. . I know that lighting is everything, but… wow.

Great Wedding Makeup

MAC fergie

Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

I love MAC. So much that, I even go to their little events in which they launch new collections.

I’ve used MAC and their talented artists for most of the weddings in which I’ve participated.

I’m even considering using them for my own wedding (though I have a few months to pin down an artist).

Check out this gorgeous look that they’ve posted on their site. It’s called “Fergie.” I love it (though I think it needs some bronzer and blush to finish it off).

I love the neutral yet sexy eye color, the dark shade in the crease, the lighter shade near the lash line and the false lashes that go out to “there.” There’s the dramatic liner and of course the shadow under the eyes, giving the impact of all-around liner without the small-eye syndrome that comes from applying liner all the way around.

These colors could work on most any bride, and the dramatic yet subtle application takes the look from everyday to “wow.”

Image from MAC

Stick-On Eyeshadow?

eyeshadow-stickers.jpgSome women seem to be born with a makeup kit and all the knowledge necessary to paint a beautiful face. Others (myself included) get tips and techniques from the pros over at MAC, Benefit, Lancome or the likes.

There’s another group of women — those who paint shadow on with about as much finese as a a 2-year-old with finger paints.

If you feel you haven’t got the talent, you could check out this new-ish product. ColorOn has begun selling eyeshadow stickers.

These little guys are simple: peel the applicator from the card and apply to your closed eyelid.

Though they seem simple, I bet there’s ton of room for error. Perhaps this wouldn’t be the “best” idea for a wedding day.