Details: Groom’s Attire

My husband knew what he wanted for his wedding day look.

He got his suit from Saks – a wonderful navy Burberry suit, the cut was so great, it almost didn’t need alterations (but of course we needed some minor tweaks – Top Shelf in Uptown did an excellent job). Since he wears suits to work (and owns over a dozen of them), he has a pretty good eye for them, and this one will hopefully be used again for events and maybe work.

The shirt came from Saks – another Burberry number. A great shirt, that he can wear to work or other events.

The tie came from Jos A. Bank – it feels a bit like an old-man shore, but after looking EVERYWHERE for a tie that works, this one was truly the best – and only $40!

The shoes came from… Saks. Again, these can be used again as work attire.

Socks – his dresser drawer. I wanted him to get some fun socks to match the color scheme, but that’s not really his style, so we stuck with navy.


The entire cost was well over $1,000 – which is a lot compared to a tux rental, but totally worth it for these pieces that will hopefully be in his wardrobe for ages.

All photos taken by Laura Ivanova – and cannot be reproduced or used, on the web or otherwise, without permission.

Introducing Both Pairs of My Wedding Shoes

I’ve gone back and forth on wedding shoes. I’ve got 3 pair sitting in my closet that I loved, and will love to wear, but that aren’t perfect for our wedding.

Pair 1 – apple green peep toe Salvatore Feragammos from Saks – very 1950s
Pair 2 – a cute ivory patent peep toe wedge from Zara in San Francisco (R picked them out)
Pair 3 – black satin peep toe with a beautiful silver/jeweled flower near the toes

But, in having an outdoor wedding, I felt I needed something that wouldn’t sink into the grass while we were shooting photos, or if I accidentally stepped off the path.

My ceremony shoes have to have a little height (I’m cool with only 2 inches), open toe and some sort of wedge or thicker heel, to prevent that dreadful “sinking into the grass” feeling.

My reception (or later into the reception) shoes need to be something I can dance in, and feel comfortable in for hours. Oh, and they have to be cute!

I think I finally found both of them.


My ceremony shoe – Hali by Report (and they’re on sale!) – cute, and perfect for an outdoor soiree.


My reception shoe – the always awesome J. Crew Joley. These babies will get a lot of love after the wedding too.


Strappy Sandals = My Personal Hell

I can’t wear strappy sandals. I have odd feet that don’t exactly match (TMI: I had 2 surgeries on my right foot when I was 17, and my left foot didn’t need it. I have 4″ long scars on the right foot, and my feet are actually differently-shaped because of this). Strappy sandals cut me and leave me sore, blistered and often bleeding after just an hour of wearing them.

So… it’s obvious that I’ll need to wear something a bit more substantial, but here’s my dilemma. Having an outdoor ceremony and reception, I don’t want anything with a super-thin heel. The fabulous green Ferragamos I bought for the wedding will have to wait in the closet for another day.

So, what do I wear?

How about one of these?


Sources: J. Crew, 6 PM, Endless.

Am I delusional?

Seriously, am I crazy that I’m thinking of buying these?


They’re FitFlops — they’re supposed to improve your posture and tone your calves (and maybe even thighs and bum).

I just can’t tell — are they actually cute? Or am I just imagining it, and getting sucked into some Croc-type (I have NEVER worn Crocs, btw) comfort-based awkward-shoe-wearing phase?

And, “no” — I do NOT plan to wear these on my wedding day, if I do indeed order them!

(p.s. I misspelled delusional when I wrote this post. Still laughing to myself about advertising my inability to spell – or spell check – such a simple word!)

Shoe Bliss for a Vintage Wedding

Having a vintage wedding? These shoes could be perfect..
The 2 1/4 heel means you can dance all night without cramping ankles
The pointed toe and sweet bow can peep out from under your gown without giving too much away
The leather sole will let you bust a move without wiping out

And, these beauties come in this gorgeous vintage buff or black.


Price = Under $90 with shipping

Update: Brilliant Web Sleuth Erica found these similar shoes — for nearly 1/2 the price!

They’re Caparros, and they’re on for only $50!


Ooh, and they are available in nude, silver, black, white and ivory! Sweet.

Gotta Decide On Shoes

wedding shoes

Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

I have 2 pair of potential wedding shoes (so far).

On top, we’ve got the funky Salvatore Ferragamo’s from Saks.

I love the stacked heel, the lucious leather, the comfort. These are all quality.

On the bottom are the Zara shoes that we got in San Francisco.

They are fairly comfy, I love the patent leather, and the wedge heel could prevent me from having my shoes sink into the grass as we do post-wedding, pre-reception photos.

I just can’t decide.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Okay, I am known to be a bit of a shoe horse. I *may* have winter and summer shoe wardrobes that have to be switched out as seasons change because my closet can only hold 30 pair at a time.

So, sometimes, I impulsively buy shoes.

When the GTB and I were in San Francisco, shopping on Union Square, I found a fantastic pair of shoes at Zara. They were ivory patent leather with a nice wrapped heel and peep toe. The GTB liked them, but then he MADE me buy them when he accidentally dropped them on the escalator and gave them a small scratch (why he was so adament about me buying damaged shoes, I’ll never know). He felt certain that he’d bring them to a cobbler and get them buffed.

Then, the GTB and I were shopping in downtown Minneapolis and fell upon a fantastic pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that couldn’t be passed up — silky, butterly leather, stacked heel, cute bow design at the toe. We thought they’d match the accent color on the dress-to-be well, but it turned out they didn’t.

So now, I have 2 pair of “wedding” shoes… and I still haven’t found the perfect pair! How many pairs did you buy before getting married?

How To Be A Bridezilla

wedding-cake-topper.jpgThe Bridezilla are a special breed of woman. Not everyone can be one, and not every ‘Zilla exhibits the traits until a sudden glint of a diamond suddenly switches something in their brains.

Here are the easy steps you must follow:
1. Cry with disappointment when your boyfriend proposes. Tell him that you really want to marry him, but simply can’t do that unless you’re wearing a 3 carat Tiffany ring.

2. Choose a wedding color down to the shade. Make sure that you won’t allow any variances, it must be THAT color, no exceptions.

3. Approach your bridal shop, hairstylist and makeup artist with a photo of EXACTLY what you want to look like. It doesn’t matter that the model is 16 years old, 6 feet tall and Brazilian with thick, lucious hair and full lips. You want to look exactly like her. If they can’t make it happen, they’re just trying to ruin your day.

OMG Shoes 10

wedding-shoe-sagus.jpg These shoes make your feet look fat! I don’t care if you have delicate little feet and run every day. I don’t care if you have a mere 8% of fat on your body. These skinny straps will cut into you skin (or sag around your feet) and look gross. Its what they do. There’s a reason most couture shoe manufacturers don’t use this style.

And, the stress will make you bloat a bit (so I’ve been told). If you want to look and feel great, skip these Sagus shoes.

OMG Shoes 9


I don’t know what a “coochie dancer” is, but I have a pretty good feeling she’d be wearing this pair of Touch Ups shoes.

These would have been “okay” if they’d just had a thong strap encrusted with fake rhinestones. But no, the designer had to add that ankle strap and those uber trashy dangling “jewel” things. Gross.

May as well wear a bell around each ankle with the amount of sound these things would make.

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