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march-08-036.jpg Here’s a pic of the ring. For some reason, diamonds are REALLY difficult to take photos of!

Didn’t the GTB do a fantastic job? Even the edges are squared so it doesn’t turn on my finger.

Here we go!

Still Working On That Ring

I’ve been told I tend to be methodical.  It’s a nasty habit of mine that I tend to drag things out longer than they need to be.  I can’t help that I like to be thorough and like to follow-through on things when I know I’m ready and I’ve done my homework.

Friends have told me that they bought their ring, more or less, overnight.  I’ve heard the stories of shopping in a day and buying the following day.  I’ve heard of friends who basically just got quotes and went with the best one.

I just can’t help that I’d never be able to do something like that.  I want to be sure.  I don’t want to think I cut a corner or that I didn’t ask for something I should have.  I’ve had buyer’s remorse enough in the past to know I don’t want it again.

So, I’m making Landmark work for our money.  I’m making them do every step I’ve read about and every step they’ve offered up.  I’m going to ensure that I get the ring we both have in mind without her even knowing what she wants.

My apologies, Brian, but you’re going to have to keep jumping through these hoops.  You’re going to have to fulfill my every last request until you’ve convinced me that this ring will be what I have in my head.

So far, I can’t complain a bit.  So far…

Whatever Will I Nag About?

trellis-ring.jpgWhat will I nag about after he gives me the ring?

Now, without having it or knowing what stage he’s in (and, ahem, waiting for the proposal as much or more than the ring), I am literally giddy with excitement. Almost all minutes of the day, at least while he’s in the metro area.

The suspense is delicious and damning at the same time.

So I wonder, after he proposes, what will I be able to bug and beg him about?

(note: I really don’t know what the ring looks like, this is simply a pretty, sparkly image for us to dream about and oogle over).

A Very Wedding Day

I used to love Saturdays.  I have fond memories of a ten hour “Road Rules” marathon on a lazy Saturday with my roommate.  I don’t think people realize the dedication it takes to watch 10 hours of television WITH commercials.

That said, this particular day isn’t anything like that.  The BTB just left with her sister to go trying on dresses.  They have an appointment, afterall.

For me, I’ve got ring duties to uphold, errands to run on the future bride’s behalf, and preparations to make for Stella, our puppy.

“And you may ask yourself-well…how did I get here?” – Talking Heads.

The Plot Thickens

So, last night, the BTB and I are having a nice little discussion about dresses and invitations.  You know, the kind of stuff that guys just can’t get enough of.

Then, out of nowhere, she says, “You know, you’re going to have to act like you keep going back to the ring store so that I don’t know when you actually got the ring…”

Damn.  She’s gooooood.


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