Life With The Puppy, Day 4

So, life has settled into a quasi-pattern with the new dog.

She wakes me at 6:30, we go out.
She eats her breakfast, we go out again.
I come home during lunch, we go out.
I come home from work, we go out.
We go out, she eats dinner, we go out, we go out, we go to bed.

I’ve become that woman who praises her dog for each and every bowel movement and bladder emptying movement. That woman who uses that ridiculously high voice when her pup goes potty.

Compared to what some of my friends go through, I am pretty lucky. One coworker goes out with her dog each night… between 1 and 3 am. Not that the dog has to go, its just become habit.

So, besides spending more time standing outside in the last few days than the amount of time I have spent outside since Oct. 31, I am becoming that watch-checking, photo sharing dog mom. Ugh.


This is a small break from wedding stuff, the GTB should be thrilled. I don’t give him many breaks from dresses, flowers, shoes, caterers and the like.

Taka minute (well, 59 seconds) to watch this awesome Honda commercial from Israel.

p.s. the ending credit actually says, “So hot, you’ll forget its a family car.”

Balancing It All

My problem is that I spent too much time on my career.  I’m very protective of it and I have always kept my options open.  I ran a one man operation for 7 years and where I lived was really just a detail.  That was the best part, no one cared and that allowed me to jump at any job opportunity… anywhere… anytime.

I lived in airplanes.  I lived in hotels.  I lived in corporate apartments.

Now I have a future bride.  Now I have a dog.  Now I have responsibilities beyond booking my flights at the right time.

What’s the right thing to do?  Do I stay where I am and keep my options open (which is what my gut says)?  Do I ask my future bride and puppy to move out to the coast and uproot their lives for a couple years?

Am I being indecisive?  Am I lacking the guts to move forward?  Is this normal?

I’ll tell you this, there’s not a chance I give up on it.

Puppy Battle

The future groom is thrilled about the new puppy. I’m excited too, but I think part of his excitement comes from the fact that, during our first 15 minute meeting with her, she was all snuggly and sweet with him, wagging her tail and happily cuddling. For me, she was like, sniff, sniff, lick the nose, jump down.

I am totally thrilled with the thought of having a puppy, really, but the fact of the matter is that she clearly prefers him to me already, and I’m the one who found the breeder! And has taken dogs through training! And will be with her every day.

I’m not saying that I will battle him for a puppy’s attention, but… we’ll see who she likes in a few months.

They Keep On Talking

Of course my family had to ask around Christmas, “so, did he pop the question yet?” Someone from his family asked too.

I’ve gotten various left-hand glances from friends and coworkers, intermingled with the occasional “I thought you’d come back engaged” or “That picture must be blurry, I don’t see a ring.”

My poor FTB is probably cursing the day he ever brought up the potential engagement.

I haven’t even mentioned the potential to many people — I guess when you’re as “old” as I am (hello, not even 30!), people start to think they hear your biological clock, or some other clock ticking.

Enough with this “Living Vicariously Through Kenzie” — I promise, I’ll tell you when it happens.