Not Your Traditional Monogram

I don’t think I ever mentioned our monogram!

We worked with Krystan Santagata — R found her on Etsy. She designed a fun, non-traditional monogram for us. She was pretty flexible and great to work with. We told her which font we wanted (to match our invitations) and she worked her magic, coming back to us with about 16 different options!

We whittled those down to finalists and decided upon our perfect (for us) monogram.

Once that dirty work was complete, we sent her design to Made to Order Stamp and Seal. These awesome folks turned around a custom embosser in a matter of days. Now, we simply have a stack of Crane envelopes waiting to be calligraphied, embossed, lined, stamped and sent. Phew!

Delicious Vintage-Style Wedding Dresses

Joesphine by Stephanie James

Stephanie by Stephanie James

If I were aiming for a retro-styled wedding, I know exactly where I’d look for my dress.

I love Santephie James, not just because she does custom work, not just because she gives women the opportunity to love their body (she has a large range of sizes), but because these dresses are vintage-inspired dream.

I almost wish I was planning a sock-hop inspired wedding, or something with a retro feel, because I would simply HAVE to order.

Aside from that, look at this gorgeous cut-out back and (swoon!) this fantastic ostrich shrug. Love it!

Cooler Than Your Average Cake Topper

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Perfect Lace Bolero


Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

My lace bolero is done! I worked with an awesome costume designer on Etsy — Rohm — and she just let me know that it is done.

Check out the pics — I don’t think I could be happier — there’s an Alencon Lace top layer and a swiss dot (pont de esprit) underlayer (I believe). Its actually much more beautiful than the ones I saw at the Macy’s Bridal Boutique (IMHO), and far less expensive.

She made this Bolero for only $160 — which is a steal compared to those $600 + NON-TAILORED ones.

Here’s how the process worked:
I emailed (convo’d) her on Etsy — explained what I was looking for as far as collar, materials, sleeves. She could have done a more structured collar, longer (even long-sleeved) arms, more coverage on the front, etc., but the parameters of this bolero are what I wanted.
She sent me a list of measurements to take, I sent them back.
We verified everything — including the color and she got working on it.
The turnaround time was about 6 weeks, but I let her know that there was no urgency on my part (my wedding isn’t for a year!).

Soooo… I am thrilled, you may be too. If you didn’t catch the link above, click here and check out her shop – you can see my bolero and other previous items if you click (under “other sales”) on the 48 (or more) sales link.

Oh, bliss.

I’m SO Excited

rohm-jacket-1.jpgrohm-alencon-long-sleeved.jpgI ordered a bolero! Not only is it not like *every other* bolero out there, but mine is actually custom made for me and my slightly-chubby arms, built from measurements of my body, so it should fit like a dream!

Anyway, I got it from Etsy (as I seem to be getting a LOT of my bridal outfit accessories). The shop owner, Emily, actually does quite a bit of theatre costume design. She has an amazing eye for beauty and detail.

Check out her Etsy shop – Rohm – if you want a custom bolero for your wedding.

p.s. for the record, my bolero will have cap sleeves and is made of alencon lace over dotted stretch netting. I’ve asked for no closures.

Oh Loverly Glamour

myra-kim-twigs-honey.jpgI am really loving the trend toward classic 1940s & 1950s glamour at wedding.

I’ve been obsessively searching the web for the perfect bridal veil that totally fits into those eras and yet isn’t to frou-frou for me to boldly wear.

I *may* have found my perfect headpiece/veil!

Myra Kim’s Twigs & Honey line on Etsy is classy, beautiful, charming and not painfully expensive.

I saw this beauty and loved the classic look. It turns out that she’ll work with me to make something that I really want and love (think tighter blusher, close embellishments, some feathers and raw glamour).

If I can’t make it myself, I am thrilled to work with someone who can make it specifically for me!