The Budget – Broken Down Into Percentages

Neither R nor I ever wanted an extravagant day. While I completely appreciate those weddings, and love attending them, we knew that it was most important for us to have our wedding, and have it paid off on the day it occured.


We didn’t want to incur or carry any debt from the wedding, just as we didn’t carry any debt for my gorgeous engagement ring (which is a testament to the awesome saving-skills of my husband).

Well — the wedding is over, and we can proudly say that we do not owe a dime – to a single vendor or a credit card or anyone. This wedding is PAID FOR!

Here are the percentages of what we spent:

I Heart This Photographer!

Red Apple Images

Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

There’s this great little local studio that makes me wish we could get married twice, so we could get another photographer!

I love found Kate of Red Apple Images. I heart her personality, her great angles and shots and also her sweet prices.

She’s got a great eye for sweet, delicate, loving shots (or this couple is amazingly photogenic and hugely thrilled about their wedding day. Or both.

You can see her work on Offbeat Bride as well — that shoot is beyond cute.

Another Great Photographer

Check out Federer Photography — Joe Federer covers your wedding from the beginning to end, with the help of a second photographer. His style, eye for lighting and decent prices are worth checking out.

Awesome Wedding Photography

martin-oliver-photos.jpgWow — what a cool idea. I saw this idea on the website of a U.K. based photographer. Here’s his version, I think we’re going to have to try this ourselves — how easy — hire someone to snap the photos, hang a curtain or sheet as a backdrop, and bring a digital camera, and of course a cool, oversized frame.

Check out Martin Oliver’s site for more amazing photography.

Capture The Moment 4

The GTB and I made our first Saturday stop at 1Fine Day‘s studio in NE Minneapolis. We met with Brett who was so fun — she works as a sort of coordinator for the studio (which is under the umbrella of Serendipity Photography.

We chatted with her for a while. It’s funny, I completely followed everything she said. We got into the car and the GTB was like, “She was just throwing numbers at us! I couldn’t keep up!” He’s a brilliant man, but get two girls talking and throwing numbers around in a somewhat non-logical way and “look out!”

Anyway, we checked out some images and got a feel for what our day would look like, time-wise. It was weird, this is the only studio that offered this information.


Capture The Moment 3

We met Kristian of KOFoto on Friday night as well (wow — we are exciting! Looks like we traded the bar scene to peruse other peoples’ wedding albums).

We met at his in-home studio and were impressed off the bat. But, who wouldn’t be if they were invited into a room with some key photographs displayed on the wall *hello gorgeous 3’x4′ gloss wedding photo* as well as a comfy, contemporary couch, yummy wall colors and a 42″ tv displaying a 1000+ image slideshow. It was all very welcome and inviting.

We spoke with Kristian for over an hour about ideas, thoughts, our ceremony/reception details and ourselves.

He was so easy to talk to, and was brimming with super-memorable ideas.

Right now, he’s on our short list. We’re estimating him to meet all our needs at around $3,400 for 6 hours (his basic package starts at $2,500).

For the quality of work he does (and the care he takes in his photography), I think the price is totally fair.

The question of whether we are comfortable spending that amount (really, about 1/5 of our attempted budget — remember we are trying to do this without incurring debt, but we are realisitic) is now being mulled over.

Who knows, Kristian may be our guy. We’ll let you know 🙂

Capture The Moment 2

Phew, photographer shopping is tough work!

We began our “world tour” (as the GTB calls it) last night right after work.

We met with Gina of A Truth Be Shown.


Capture The Moment 1

rodney-kenzie-toughresize.jpgWe have officially begun to search for Photographers.

I started out with a list from The Knot, paired with two other online compilations of photographers. From a list of over 120 photographers and an exhaustive online search, I was able to cull the list down to a handful of fantastic photogs —

We had stipulations, of course. We wanted someone who had a good grasp of light and space and is able to capture “real” moments within the wedding. We wanted someone who wouldn’t “pose” us much.

We both were aware of needing the rights to print our photos ourselves (negative rights — regardless of copyright — ask me if you need more information).

Oh yes, and we wanted someone who wouldn’t cost over $4000. We know that good photographers can be expensive and we’re willing to deal with that… but we do have our limits.


Take A Picture, Will Ya?!

Everyone has an opinion about wedding photographers. I have friends who didn’t research theirs and now regret the fact that they were trying to save time and money, because they have crappy photos. I have friends who researched and planned and have fabulous shots.

I talked to my mom about the cost of a photographer (anywhere from $995 for the wedding to 7,500, for what we’re looking for). She cracked me up with her response, “Just put cameras on every table and use those as your wedding photos.”

Are you kidding mom? I have seen what comes out of those cameras, lots of kids making faces and photos of butts, bossoms and cut-of heads. Right.

In fact, one friend had about 20 of those cameras. After spending $150 to develop them, we found 4 decent photos. 4 photos from 480.

So, now we begin the researching of photographers. I hear that booking them a year or more out is good, if you see one you really want. And I sure as heck am not using those crappy disposable cameras, so here we go.