Engagement Ring Shopping: Continental Diamond

diamond-ring-2.jpgMy roommate Rachel’s friend (Ashley? Rachel?) got an engagement ring from here, so consider me “referred.”

We walked into the shop and noticed a bunch of people shopping (it was around 1:30 on a weekday). There must have been at least 12 customers in the shop, and probably 7 visible employees.

We checked out the cases, finding Martin Flyer rings as well as A. Jaffe (both were designers of our short-list rings), but they didn’t have the styles we liked, and the other rings they offered left plenty to be desired.

But, I was hopeful, as there were quite a few people perusing and buying jewelry, so we gave it a shot.

So we waited a bit and were finally offered assistance by an employee. She asked a few questions, almost immediately brought up our budget (which hadn’t happened at any other shops and, quite frankly, was rude), then disappeared for over 5 minutes.

She came back with some stones of varied sizes to check out in a setting we were kind of looking at.

She made some blanket statements about how color is so important (we’re focusing on cut — that’s what makes the diamond shine), then brought up cost again!

Shocked? yes
Returning to this shop? NEVER — even if their diamonds are practically a steal compared to the other jewelers.

What a terrible experience.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ABarton
    Sep 18, 2009 @ 13:07:10

    Wow… stuck up..?
    If you dont like whats in the shop dont go…
    Heaven forbit you talk “price” in a store where the ultimate decision is secured by the price of the object… How can the associate appropriately match you with the right diamond if she doesnt know what you can afford..

    Better yet come prepared.. tell the associate whats important to you and what you expect to pay.. UPFRONT.. no likes a lookyloo.

    Her time is precious too.. She cant waste time showing you the diamonds you could never afford…when she could be selling them to someone else.

    Time is money..


    • kenziew
      Sep 18, 2009 @ 13:27:55

      I appreciate your input – but really, for me, it all comes down to tact. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think a bride-to be needs to know how much her groom-to-be is willing or able to spend. It is interesting, neither in our searches for a ring, nor when helping a male friend look for his fiancé-to-be have I seen a sales person ask that question outright like that – at least at higher-end jewelry stores. R.F. Moeller, Tiffany & Co., Scheherezade – I’ve never heard the question of $ come up so blatently in front of the present female. Maybe it’s just a different clientele, different business model, different way of doing business.

      We did our research – we knew what the groom-to-be was budgeting – I knew better than to look at 3 carat center stones – that simply wasn’t realistic for us, and also had a pretty good idea of what a setting would cost. We were looking for ring styles, more that specific stone prices – which my then-groom-to-be could discuss further, including his budget, when I wasn’t present.

      That said, I can understand why it would seem stuck-up of me to say that I found it distasteful to have that topic broached in front of me. True, time is certainly money – to anyone in sales.


  2. MrPraveen09
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 13:37:41

    This would be the perfect diamond to buy for your fiancee before getting married, although my only qualm is that it costs more than $1,000. It should be cheaper on Amazon, although $1,575 is not too bad a price, but not great either. Great quality and a true lifelong diamond! B.


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