Oh Loverly Glamour

myra-kim-twigs-honey.jpgI am really loving the trend toward classic 1940s & 1950s glamour at wedding.

I’ve been obsessively searching the web for the perfect bridal veil that totally fits into those eras and yet isn’t to frou-frou for me to boldly wear.

I *may* have found my perfect headpiece/veil!

Myra Kim’s Twigs & Honey line on Etsy is classy, beautiful, charming and not painfully expensive.

I saw this beauty and loved the classic look. It turns out that she’ll work with me to make something that I really want and love (think tighter blusher, close embellishments, some feathers and raw glamour).

If I can’t make it myself, I am thrilled to work with someone who can make it specifically for me!