So cute: DIY mini candybar wrapper

Creature Comforts is one of my loves. Between the inspiration and the sweet tutorials, I might stalk this blog a bit more than I should.

Check out this lovely little freebie – print your own mini candy bar wrappers. These would make a sweet valentines treat – or maybe a cute little wedding favor.


image from


The Great Favor Debate

Who knew that such a minor detail would be such a debatable topic? From the beginning, I was adamant that I didn’t want favors.

Why? People don’t appreciate them, they leave them behind, it’s hard to give something that’s personal and appreciated for under $3, they’re an unneccessary expense, people just throw them away when they get home, etc, etc, etc.

Both of our mothers have been BIG advocates for “the favors” — my mom, after being told about 15 times that we will not have them, keeps emailing me ideas. Oooh, seed paper, mini-trees that guests can plant, personalized candy bars, photo frames, etc. His mother really liked the frames that his cousin used, and is “recommending” we do something like that.

And I just kept telling them, “nope, sorry, no favors.”

Then, I saw this image in Martha Stewart Weddings — and I waffled.


I’ve waffled a lot in these wedding decisions, but seriously, I was AMAZED that a photo could change my mind. I purchased 100 small green boxes and hatched a plan. Now that our guest list has grown (by 60%), I need to track down another 50+ of these boxes (thinking brown would be fine too).

And what will be inside?

Delicious madeleine cookies — some drizzled with chocolate, some plain, all handmade by… the bride. What have I gotten myself into?

And worse, why am I now contemplating an ADDITIONAL cookie and candy bar? What a slippery slope!