Perfect Lace Bolero


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My lace bolero is done! I worked with an awesome costume designer on Etsy — Rohm — and she just let me know that it is done.

Check out the pics — I don’t think I could be happier — there’s an Alencon Lace top layer and a swiss dot (pont de esprit) underlayer (I believe). Its actually much more beautiful than the ones I saw at the Macy’s Bridal Boutique (IMHO), and far less expensive.

She made this Bolero for only $160 — which is a steal compared to those $600 + NON-TAILORED ones.

Here’s how the process worked:
I emailed (convo’d) her on Etsy — explained what I was looking for as far as collar, materials, sleeves. She could have done a more structured collar, longer (even long-sleeved) arms, more coverage on the front, etc., but the parameters of this bolero are what I wanted.
She sent me a list of measurements to take, I sent them back.
We verified everything — including the color and she got working on it.
The turnaround time was about 6 weeks, but I let her know that there was no urgency on my part (my wedding isn’t for a year!).

Soooo… I am thrilled, you may be too. If you didn’t catch the link above, click here and check out her shop – you can see my bolero and other previous items if you click (under “other sales”) on the 48 (or more) sales link.

Oh, bliss.