Coolest Photobooth EVER

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We hosted a DIY photobooth at our wedding — with a local photography student manning the camera (for less than $20/hour). We were lucky enough to have someone provide the backdrop stands, so we just used our polka-dot fabric (that we used a runners) as the backdrop.


I stumbled upon this photobooth backdrop at Green Wedding Shoes. Freaking Brilliant. I want one.

Venue Review – Arneson Acres

Venue grade: A+

We weren’t originally planning to have our reception at Arneson Acres. In fact, we were all set to have it at another location, with a ceremony at AA, until several surprises caused us to change venues.

We are SO glad that we did change!


Vendor Review – The Photographer

Vendor grade: A+++

I could not rate Laura Ivanova any more highly than I do now.

She’s professional, her prices are fair, and she has an amazing eye for composition. I’m not one to gaze at photos of myself for long periods of time, but I just keep going back to our wedding day sneak peak — she did SUCH an amazing job. I’m so excited to see the other photos she’s captured!


One guest commented to me today: “Your photographer was awesome! She seemed like she was always looking for the right photo, and snapping away, but she wasn’t in our faces, we barely noticed when she was shooting photos.”

Laura put us at ease at our first meeting, we knew that she’d be great to work with. So great, in fact, that we chose to lose a $750 deposit we had with another photographer, just so we could work with her. And boy, are we glad that we did.

Check out the preview of our pro session. You’ll see what I mean.

Click here to view the preview.

We had 6 hours of photography – and I can hardly wait for another reason to hire Laura!

Details – The DIY Photobooth

As I mentioned before, we decided to do a DIY photobooth. We borrowed those tripod/stands with clips to hold the backdrop, and put together a box of props. We hired a local photography student to man the booth for 2 hours.

photographer: $30
props: est. $30
backdrop: we went with fabric we had on hand, instead of the $30 shower curtain

total cost = $60

Here are a few shots:

My brother, sister, mom and I

Sister and friend


We had the DJ announce and recommend the booth a few times.

My only regret is that we didn’t get more photos!

The Engagement Session

R and I weren’t sold on doing an engagement session, we both feel a little awkward in front of the camera (and in the limelight), but we decided, upon the suggestion of our fabulous photographer, to try it. And we liked it!

Laura Ivanova, our photographer, totally helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera and got some great shots of us. The only downside is that R kept cracking up (nervousness?) and I would then laugh for about 2 minutes straight (nervousness).

I am REALLY glad that we did them because we could get comfortable in front of the camera, we’re now familiar with Laura’s style, and we got some great photos in the process. Here’s a teaser:


See more at Laura’s blog.

OMG, J.Crew Weddings Is More Lovely Than Before!

I can hardly stand how lovely and amazing J.Crew Weddings & Parties section is. I mean, I get it, they’re retail, but COME ON. I could go back to this page over and over again, there’s inspiration all around this section.

Look at this awesome inspiration board on their landing page…


Le Sigh!

A Little Planning Goes a LONG Way

How do you know how much time to dedicate to your wedding photos? Some photographers suggest 45 minutes, others say 2 hours.

And, how do you determine if you’re shooting photos before or after your actual ceremony? If you do it after, you risk missing the cocktail hour (sad) or making your guests wait, and wait, and wait between the ceremony and reception — which many guests find to be rude.

Some brides are against taking photos before the ceremony because of the emotion of seeing eachother for the first time on the wedding day — some want to save that for the moment that they start their trek down the aisle (I couldn’t, I’d be a blubbering mess of tears!).

So… I present to you, Wholly Matrimony’s tips on planning a photogenic wedding.

I will totally be using these tips, as the GTB and I are investing a solid chunk of our wedding budget in the photography, because it is so important to me. Why wouldn’t I put the extra effort into helping our wonderful photographer capture the best moments?