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Local Jeweler Review: Continental Diamond

When I buy jewelry, I’ve got a few sitipulations:
straight-forward pricing
non-schmaltzy, non-pushy sales people
jewelry that isn’t marked up to unreasonable levels
bling that I’m not going to see on the hand of every other girl I see

I was unsure of what to expect of Continental Diamond.

On first glance, they are a fairly large store with an excellent selection. I really like that they carry (and let you check out for yourself) loose diamonds. They have some excellent designers like A. Jaffe, Precision Set, Novell and Simon G.

But the thing that makes them better than some (I promise, won’t mention their names here) chain jewelers is that the sales people aren’t pushy. They are honest and friendly.

And their repair services aren’t bad either. I was quoted only $110 to upsize my ring, and that included a full cleaning and a palladium dip. Quotes I’d received at other stores ranged from $125 to over $150, and didn’t include the palladium.

So, while this is not an endorsement, it is a recommendation. Continental Diamond really surprised me, in a really good way. Now, I want a bit more bling 🙂