Details: Groom’s Attire

My husband knew what he wanted for his wedding day look.

He got his suit from Saks – a wonderful navy Burberry suit, the cut was so great, it almost didn’t need alterations (but of course we needed some minor tweaks – Top Shelf in Uptown did an excellent job). Since he wears suits to work (and owns over a dozen of them), he has a pretty good eye for them, and this one will hopefully be used again for events and maybe work.

The shirt came from Saks – another Burberry number. A great shirt, that he can wear to work or other events.

The tie came from Jos A. Bank – it feels a bit like an old-man shore, but after looking EVERYWHERE for a tie that works, this one was truly the best – and only $40!

The shoes came from… Saks. Again, these can be used again as work attire.

Socks – his dresser drawer. I wanted him to get some fun socks to match the color scheme, but that’s not really his style, so we stuck with navy.


The entire cost was well over $1,000 – which is a lot compared to a tux rental, but totally worth it for these pieces that will hopefully be in his wardrobe for ages.

All photos taken by Laura Ivanova – and cannot be reproduced or used, on the web or otherwise, without permission.


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