DIY Bouts & Corsages

Our budget was not huge. And I felt that I wanted to DIY as much as I could, even though I find myself to be my greatest critic when I do.

My dear friend Michelle and I tackled the bouts and corsages on the night before the wedding. What were we thinking? I have no idea.

Anyway, take a peak at our handiwork – our quirky/fun corsages and bouts!

R's bout

R's bout

groomsman & father bout

groomsman & father bout

Moms' corsage

Moms' corsage

We used ranunculus for R’s bout, and spider mums with greenery and filler for everyone else. It took us about 1 hour to do 5 bouts and 7 corsages. Not too shabby. We just used loose flowers pulled from the centerpieces, some floral tape, floral wire, floral pins and green grosgrain ribbon. The cost for supplies (minus flowers) was about $12. Nice.

We used this tutorial as our guide.


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  1. A
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 11:47:04

    You are my hero. 😉 I was trying to figure out whether it would be possible to do 12 bouts and 3 corsages in a reasonable amount of time two days before the wedding, and an actual time estimate for a similarly large number of personals just made that seem possible. An hour? Maybe if I have four people helping me I can ALSO get mine done in an hour! 😉

    Well that’s settled. No 100% mark-up for a florist now.


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