Vendor Review – Cake

(note: this review is for dessert only, not for the catered meal)
Vendor grade: B+

It’s no secret that Miel y Leche cupcakes are awesome. I’ve blogged about them a handful of times, and I consider myself lucky that they aren’t easily accessible to me, or I’d probably gain 100 pounds.

We chose 4 flavors for our wedding:

White chocolate with raspberry mousse
Chocolate with peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache
Carrot cake
White cake with lemon filling and vanilla buttercreme

The cupcakes were delicious and our friends and family went on and on about them.

image from

image from

The only negative to them is that the staff from Miel y Leche took FOREVER to get them out. We’d told them that we’d like them out by 6:15 — at 6:45, my groom marched into the kitchen at the reception site and brought our cake (carrot) out so we could try to keep on schedule and cut it.

On a similar note, a few of our guests dug into their cupcakes because they asked the MyL staff if they could have one (before we cut ours — grr) – and they said, “I don’t care, it’s not my problem.” Soooo, we started the cutting late and we already had a few guests munching on cupcakes by the time we were able to cut our cake.

Once we cut the cake, it was indeed delicious and moist, but tempered slightly by the staff. One note on our cake: we asked for a carrot cake for our little bride & groom cake – we also asked for “spackled” frosting, and didn’t request any sort of decoration. Imagine my surprise when they showed me our cake and there were frosted carrots all over it. It felt as though it was a mini-birthday cake. I was crestfallen to see all the carrots piped onto the cake, but there was really nothing I could do. Sigh. So if you do work with them, please, please, please make sure they understand that you don’t want any stupid decorations on your cake – and make sure they understand EXACTLY what you want it to look like.

I would recommend Miel y Leche, just consider having them drop off the cupcakes, rather than actually preparing them to be served, and all will be well.

The cost: between $2 and $3 per cupcake, depending on quantity.


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