Vendor Review: Mac’s Liquor

Grade: (Solid) A

As you probably are aware, it’s been awhile since my last post.

That said, I had a few jobs to do for the wedding and thought I’d get the ball rolling on the reviews of our vendors from the wedding.  I know the Bride is prepping several more of these, but I’ve got time on my hands.  Plus, I could talk about beer all day.

We used Mac’s Liquor in Hopkins for all our beer.  Mac’s is right off Highway 169 and Excelsior Boulevard.

The service at Mac’s was fantastic.  They always called back when they said they would and they worked with us to come up with options based on what we wanted. 

The trick for us was that our site required 3.2 beer.  Many vendors told us they didn’t carry it or only had a limited supply, but Mac’s went the extra mile, called their reps and gave us a whole host of options (Blue Moon comes in 3.2!!!).  We might have even snuck a keg of regular stuff in there, but… of course we didn’t….


The other real differentiator  for Mac’s was the flexible and inexpensive keg delivery, which was a HUGE relief during the morning of the wedding.  Finding a vendor who delivers kegs, much less at an affordable price, was not easy.

Mac’s prices are right in line with most of the liquor stores around the metro.  The cost was much less than we thought it would be and the delivery charge was pretty much negligible (I’m tight fisted on tipping vendors and I tipped our delivery guy because it was so cheap).

Mac’s does offer to pick the kegs up, but it wasn’t necessary.  I can’t say enough about how nice it was to work with a vendor that was responsive, courteous and delivered on their promises.  As you’ll learn, that wasn’t always the case….. 

Stay tuned to find out how it all went.


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