I’ll Be A Sun-Kissed Bride

I love the look of a sun-kissed bride. That glow that seems to emanate from deep within, that look of sheer happiness.

I usually can’t achieve that look naturally. I get those dark circles under my eyes, my skin tone is sometimes blotchy and I generally don’t project that warmth (I try! I just don’t) – even though I am generally a very happy, easy-going person.

I can’t get into tanning. I did that when I was younger, but now that I see a little wrin

I tried a few cosmetic lines, but had minimal success as I tried to capture that look without looking all fakey-bakey.

Now, I can stop complaining 🙂

I ordered a sweet little set from Sephora – which includes an illuminating finishing powder (and it works!), an eyeshadow trio in gold glow, lip color in natalie (which looks dark, but comes out looking like a lovely soft wash of color), and lash visor waterproof mascara (hello, wedding day!).

Here are the products on their own:
Finishing powder
Eye shadow
Lip color

Or, you could buy the same get, snag a cute little metallic linen clutch and get it all for $38.


Love it!

On a side note, it’d make a lovely bridesmaid or mother’s day gift.

Here’s my makeup inspiration (and stylish celebrity-twin when comparing compexion, cheekbones and possibly jawline) Leighton Meester rocking that lovely sunkissed look.


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