How Much Food Do You Need to Feed Your Wedding Guests?

Are you hosting a backyard bbq, garden picnic or DIY reception meal for your wedding? One of the most difficult planning elements is food (we’ll get to temperature later, right now, let’s look at quantities).

Let’s look at a basic DIY menu. I was thinking, in a previous planning stage, of a backyard reception at our new home. We’ve got 1/2 an acre and this perfectly flat, mature-tree studded back yard that would look smashing with round tables scattered about.

I was thinking of a basic menu of:
nuts and olives
assorted cheeses with crackers
bread (probably baugette) with butter
chicken skewers with dipping sauces
pork tenderloin
parmesean risotto
spinach salad
fire roasted vegetables

Hmm, not so difficult, I should be able to figure it out.

Then, I realize that I have NO idea how much food one person would eat. How much food would I really need for 100 people?

I found a link on recipelink that offered recommended amounts for common foods.

it recommended:
2 lbs of butter
12 1 lb. loaves of bread
35 lbs. chicken
40 lbs. of roast (I’m assuming that would be the same for pork tenderloin)
5 lbs. rice (does that count the same for risotto?)

and if you were doing burgers and dogs: 32 lbs. burger, 25 lbs. hot dogs. offers a different approach:

meats: plan for 6 ounces per person if you have one dish, 8 ounces if you server two dishes (or 4 ounces per person per dish)
rice: 2 ounces for a main dish like risotto, or 1.5 ounce per person if its a side dish.
vegetable (roasted!): 4 ounces per person
salad: 1 ounce undressed per person

So… on those calculations, one would need 50 pounds of meat, 12.5 pounds of rice/risotto, 25 pounds of roasted vegetables, 6.25 pounds of salad.

The cheese and fruit haven’t been touched upon, but the nice thing is that most caterers (and grocers) that sell veggie, fruit or cheese trays typically list the number of people each tray could serve!

My recommendation, ask a caterer how much they would serve for your guest number and gauge off that 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

    Jul 26, 2009 @ 10:16:49

    Too bad apparently your caterer didn’t know how much food to plan for 100-150 people, either!!!! 😦
    (Sorry, still getting over that post)!


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