This Guestlist is Out of Control!

We just sent our guest list to our calligrapher (thanks Mom!) to have our invitation envelopes hand addressed in beautiful script.

Of course we had a *slight* disagreement over the etiquette of “and guest” before sending the list. I stick closely to etiquette rules that recommend — “If you allow one invited single guest to bring a guest, you must do the same for all other non-married guests.” R is operating under a different rule — in that it’s a “case-by-case basis.” For example, people with serious relationships can bring a guest, those who are not in serious relationships cannot.

Hmm, I think pretty highly of myself, but I would never consider being able to look at a relationship and deem one “serious” while another is “not serious.”

So, in the end, we ended up allowing the “and guests” because he felt that some people would be upset if they weren’t able to bring a guest, even though our guest list jumped by 40 by allowing them. Sigh.

The budget trimmer (me) has to find a way to fit another 40 people because the budget controler (R) wanted to include them. I’m not angry, just… excited at the prospect of fitting 178 guest onto a guest list and budget that was altered to fit 120. Of course it’ll work. But I’m not promising that our reception won’t run out of food 🙂


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