How Much Space Do Your Guests Need?

The ultimate question I keep running into is:

How much space do I need per guest?

Some venues suggest vast amounts of space, others suggest that you can fit many people into a tiny space.

I’ve been scouring the web for information on how many people we can fit into our space (or, how much space is needed per guest).

Wholesale Table Linens recommends 10-14 square feet per person.

Grand Rental Station recommends 8 square feet per person for banquet style seating and 12 square feet for round tables seating 6, 8 or 12 people (however, tables of 10 only require 10 square feet per person… why!?).

Party Rental Ltd. and Classic Party Rentals suggest that 20 square feet per person would be sufficient for a reception, but I have to wonder if that includes dance space. CPR also recommends 12 square feet for cocktail parties.

Party Time Rental suggests 8 square feet per person for “some seated,” 10 square feet for banquet style tables and 12 square feet per person for round tables.

Finally, Apartment Therapy recommends the following:

“But Basil, what does it all mean?”

It means that, wherever your venue, the type of seating you choose can and does effect the number of guests you can include.

Looks like this girl is going to buy some graph paper tomorrow to map out our venue!

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