My Name is Kenzie, and I’m a Gift Wrap Addict

I have a confession to make. I’ve kept it hidden for a long, long time, but I must bring it out into the open.

I have an addiction to gift wrap and ribbons. It started innocently enough, one day at Papyrus. I discovered thick gift wrap. It was luxurious, it lent a crisp fold and it looked stunning when carefully wrapped around a gift.

I bought a roll of paper, figuring I’d wrap a gift with it. I used some of the paper while wrapping a birthday gift for a dear friend, and received a simple compliment, “Oh wow, this gift is almost too pretty to unwrap.”

Soon thereafter, I began to buy nicer ribbon, grosgrain, satin, even double-sided satin, in an attempt to make my lovingly purchased gifts show the care I put into them, before they were even opened.

Not long after I started investing in quality ribbons, did I notice that people really DO notice. They’d comment at birthday parties, weddings and baby showers, “Oh, that gift must be from Kenzie, it’s beautiful.”

Now, I cannot stop.

I realized today that I have a problem. In the last month, I ordered 6 sheets from a high-end store, purchased 2 more on Wednesday and then acquired another 5 rolls today. My collection is made of Snow and Graham, Wooster and Prince, Paper Source and others like them. On top of that, I’ve purchased 6 rolls of satin ribbon.

The GTB just rolled his eyes and laughingly told me that he wouldn’t have gotten serious with me if he’d known about my “sickness.”

The top photo is my rolls of gift wrap (and our cute Frenchies — Louis and Lola) — the sad thing is that 4 of those rolls are made of multiple sheets of different patterns — to save space. The bottom photo is my “collection” of ribbons, to be used on future gifts.

At least I haven’t color-coordinated them… yet.


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