I Want to Look Stunning

I want to shock my GTB on our wedding day. I want to look so beautiful that he’s speechless. Of course I still want to look like me, but I want to look like an amazing version of me, one that my future children will look up and say, “wow, mom looked beautiful on her wedding day.”

I don’t want them to laugh at my dated makeup, my tacky lipcolor or the cheesy backdrop (thank goodness I didn’t get hitched in 1992!).

Anyway, look at these before and after photos — I’d like a transformation of this proportion. These photos come from MN Bridal Makeup Artistry . If you’ve got the cash to spend, it’s $460 for the bride and 3 maids to get their beauty ON.

I’m seriously contemplating airbrush, but I’ll totally need to test run it!

Photos copyright by Matt Blum Photography. . I know that lighting is everything, but… wow.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lush
    Aug 30, 2008 @ 08:17:00

    any good foundation will do that without having you drop loads of cash. i don’t know what your skin is like, but mineral makeups have been going on me and my friends (2 of which are models and choose to wear on a daily basis) flawlessly.

    any thoughts on exactly what YOU want to do for makeup on your day?



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