I’ll Drink to That

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t need a reason to have a glass of wine. Well, now that I’m in “wedding mode” I actually get a reason to drink more wine (yay!).

I want/need placecard holders (well, more like menu holders with the breakdown of desserts) for our reception. I’ve seen plenty of paper chairs, flowers, hearts, shells and other whimsical shapes that could serve the purpose, but nothing that really fit the feel of our wedding (casual & classic with a little adventure).

Then, I fell upon these awesome placecard holders. With a little more Google love, I found a fantastic DIY tutorial of how to create these.

My job is easy: drink wine.
GTB or my dad get to focus on the tough stuff… using the saw. But, I know they’ll love it. They both love cutting stuff with those “manly” machines.

These directions come from casasugar. Awesome!

You will need:
1 wine cork per place setting (get drinkin’)
Razor blade or X-acto (craft) knife (or some sort of table saw and clamp-thing)
Optional: Hot glue gun and penny or something to weight them down if using heavy/tall cardstock

What to do:

  1. Using the razor blade or craft knife, slice off one side of the cork lengthwise, so it can lay flat on the table. Make sure to use a fresh (sharp) blade, otherwise the cork may crumble. Note: corks work best when they’re fresh. If you’ve been saving for month, give them a little water soak to get the soft and prevent crumbling.
  2. With the cork set flat on the table, make a slice down the middle lengthwise, cutting about 1/2 way through the cork
  3. If using heavier/tall cardstock or photos, use hot glue to attach coin or weight to the bottom of each placecard holder.
  4. Alternative: follow step 1, then partially uncoil a paperclip and insert longest edge into the cork. Use paper clip to hold up photos or placecards.

Need corks but aren’t much of a drinker? Check out eBay, craigslist or to buy ’em. I found 100 cork mixed packs for about $30 with shipping.


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