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shu uemura false lashes

Originally uploaded by KikiLaRae

I’m a girl with thin but long lashes. I get it. When I wear mascara frequently, my thin lashes seem to become even more thin. Ack.

As a result, I’m a huge fan of false lashes for big events. There’s no question that I’ll be sticking some falsies onto my upper lids on the day we get hitched.

I’ve always been happy with MAC false lashes, but I think I found the ones I’ll use on my wedding day. Day-um, Shu Uemura packs a punch with these criss-cross lashes.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also find lashes made of feathers and feathered velvet. They come in shocking blue, and of course black and brown.

The real beauty is that they start at $20!


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