May I Have The Invitation, Please?


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I am working with dear friend to develop our invitations. She a graphic designer (and thus has Illustrator, which I do not) and does some pretty sweet stuff.

Anyway, the plan is that I will be doing our invites myself, on the letterpress. It’ll be a lot o’ work, but it’ll totally be worth it to have beautiful, extravagant-ish invitations.

This is one of our drafts. The image will be different than it is now, but the font is perfect, and it matches our custom-designed embosser for the envelopes!

Of course the colors will be different as well, as they will be imprinted on the press (and I’ll be mixing them myself). The process for getting this all done is… slightly time consuming (but I’ve got time baby, check the date!)

Here are the steps:
Design all text and graphics
Export images to Boxcar Press and have them make polymer plates
Cut the paper from 22×35″ sheets into 5×7 & 3.5×5 pieces at Kinkos
Print away!
Allow to dry
Send save the dates
Load up into “packages” of announcements, RSVP cards, direction + accomodation cards
Line & emboss envelopes, print labels, stamp and send off!

I can hardly wait!

What’s exciting is that we’ve discussed possibly taking this on as a side-project, depending on if we enjoy it or not. Perhaps you’ll be seeing more of these in the future… maybe even for you.


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