Choosing A Venue – The Losers

We’ve already ruled out a bunch of venues. Some for location or size. Others for ridiculous stipulations (i.e. must spend $x per person or event), a few because they can host multiple weddings in one day.

Here is our list of just some of the venues that we’ve ruled out. If you’re looking, some of these awesome sites could work for you!

Wedding/Reception in a hotel (any hotel in the metro, including Windows @ Marquette)
Summit Manor (cool spot, not large enough!)
Minnesota Zoo – I would cry if I was shuffled in before/after another bride! There are too many weddings happening here
Afton House Cruises – or any cruise/boat because I’d feel bad trapping my guests on a boat!
Cedarhurst Mansion – This place is amazing, rental fees are decent ($250/hour), food sounds spectacular, but I don’t especially want to spend $20/bottle of wine when I know the value is more like $8. Maybe I’m cheap, but that’s a good reason for me!
Como Park Zoo/ Conservatory – same reason as MN Zoo
Landmark Center Musser Cortile –
pros: $2,000 rental, holds up to 320 guest, variety of caterers available, beautiful, historic building
cons: other rooms can be rented (I’m not a bridezilla but I don’t want strangers wandering in and I certainly don’t want to see another bride!) keg of beer is $250, wine is $4/glass) space is open to the public until 5pm, only onstreet-parking and pay-ramp parking available
James J. Hill Law Library
pros – beautiful, ceremony could take place at Rice Park w/nice weather
cons – $3400 rental fee – not really budget-friendly on our budget, expensive alcohol for us to host
Great Hall – its a beautiful space but…$3,000 for ceremony/reception rental, caterers include the usuals “Mintahoe, Prom, D’amico), onstreet and pay-ramp parking
Black Bear Crossings at Como Park $1,850 rental, great location, beautiful interior, but catering info is vague, need further details $995 event setup plus $3,500 spending minimum, only allowed $5pm-midnight
Harrington Mansion – GTB has been and said that parking is hard to find and the interior was kind of “gross” – I wish we could check it out, the entrees are inexpensive and it looks “okay” but… there are some “hidden” service charges
Blaisdell Manor – is beautiful and seems inexpensive (though parking is an issue). The problem I have is that they have a $5,000 minimum on food and n/a drinks with an 18% service charge on top of the cost (as well as taxes). So, whether you spend 1,000 or 5,200, you’ll have to pay at least $6,000 on food and soda. The nice thing is that its only $750 to rent it for 6 hours on a Saturday!


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